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There Will Be Blood


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This movie was incredible. Day-Lewis performance as usual: brilliant. It was SO Upton Sinclair-frought with symbolism (Think on this H.W=Human Weakness) but not in a way that makes you go "for the love of god you're fucking smart ok!?! Now get over yourself!" I thought the parallells were beautifully illustrated between Plainview and Eli-etc. And the end was awesome.


"I'm finished!"

very Brechtian. Awesome. not to mention that Tim does a really creepily good impression of "the milkshake scene." which keeps me laughing for ever!

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Eh, I was left unsatisfied. One act of masterpiece, one act of greatness and one act of mess. Yeah, Day-Lewis was incredible as usual, but if Gangs of New York proved anything it's that a movie takes more than an incredible Daniel Day-Lewis performance to be successful.


The thing that impressed me the most was Paul Dano. The guy's younger than I am but he was able to hold his own with a giant like Day-Lewis - especially impressive considering he had about a weekend to prepare for the role, compared the the full year that Day-Lewis took.

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