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alive she cried

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Slade wasn't real big in this country from what I understand, I don't think many people even realized it was a cover at the time. Here are some others in that same vein.


Originally by The Leaves


Originally by The Four Lads


Originally by The Arrows


Originally by Robert Hazard


Originally By The Nerves


Originally By The Shondells


Originally by Big Mama Thornton


Originally by Erma Franklin

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Let's fucking kick this up a notch:





...o.k, maybe it wasn't what you REALLY wanted. MAYBE you love you some fucking GENESIS, which back in their day could rock some shit. So I give onto you this, to also help your balls rock out!:


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(post 2/2: if you're hitting the "today" button, read up)

Then you're all like: BINDY THAT WAS AWESOME DO YOU HAVE ANYMORE? And I say to you sir, we need to take you down a notch. You should enjoy this remake of an AMAZING Scorpions song:



You may not know it but the Scorpions knew how to fucking ROCK some fucking shit. You gotta respect that kind of rock and roll baby!


So maybe we've traveled this road together and you turn and say to me: Bindy, that's all great and jazz but I love me some fucking female vocalists. IN FACT, I want nothing more than to finger bang me a female vocalist! Do you have anything along those lines in a metal cover to make me come? I would turn to you and say: WHY YES, I have JUST the thing to make you jizz in your pants! FUCKING CRANK THIS SHIT!



(I hope you enjoyed my back to back posts)

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I was looking at piano versions of Tool songs, and through a series of "related video" links, I stumbled across The Vitamin String Quartet. These guys are the shit. And they can turn shit into awesome, and awesome into some kind of twisted super awesome.




















I have to stop now and masturbate.

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The Bad Plus doing what's essentially an acoustic jazz cover of Flim, by Aphex Twin (embedding disabled by request)


This is notable for me because of the drummer, once the song really gets going. That fucking guy...he must have listened to that song a billion fuckin' times, because he pretty much nailed every bit of that, and that is absolutely no small feat when you're dealing with a "pattern" like Flim has and mimicking digital drum samples. Shit, I doubt Richard D. James could play this song on analog drums that well.

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VSQ covering Raining Blood is quite possibly he best cover of a metal song ever!


Really? I thought it one of the worst. I like covers to add something different to the original, there was no interpretation just a straight up transfer.

It just seemed redundant and really no more impressive than the midi version


This is the best classical version of a metal song I've heard (if it sounds slightly off, it's because it was performed with Metallica live but they've been edited out)

Here's the complete, epic version


And this is the best classical cover of anything ever

Nigel Kennedy covering Riders on the Storm

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