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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I almost totally forgot that show!!!  Man I LOVED it!!!  I would dread missing a single episode!!!  I remember Mondays-thurs they would show Super Mario cartoons, and on Fridays they showed the Zelda ones.


I wonder if anyone remember the Captain N and the Video Game Masters cartoon?  That one was majorly cool!  It also had the Zelda cartoons from the Mario Super Show.


Ahhhhhhhh memories.....  :D

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To balance out the stress from my exams I'm going through a bit of a regreesion period at the mo. I have just discovered the joy of emulators, and am currently whooping ass at Sonic 2 (definitely the best of the whole Sonic series!).


Mariokart and Donkey Kong Country rox as well.

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Sure that would be great Nick!  I wonder if anyone has any others.  I remember the Super Mario 3 Cartoons, I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO hooked into them!  I remember getting into a phase where cuz of that show, I would draw made-up Mario 3 worlds and made up designs of Bowser's doomships.  I also loved how the cartoon utilized sounds originally from the game itself.  And I also remember Game Boy from Captain N, I thought he was cool.  Kid Icarus's "icus" problem would get annoying at times, and I used to think they made Simon Belmont as a vain bonehead and I really didn't like him.  And I also thought Megaman was a bit of a wuss in that cartoon.  And Princess Lana, I thought at the time she was a well drawn babe!  But despite the characters, the show and the cartoons did kick ass.


I also remember this show called Jonny Arcade, that had this guy who would rate and give tips about certain video games, and they also had a cartoom with a bunch of other Nintendo Characters, like Kuros from Ironsword and a bunch of others I forget.  That was so old school, but it was also another good one.  Anyone else remember Jonny Arcade?

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