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Yay! Cause this could get Square off its ass and give us what we really want. No, not new shitty games, but remakes of old ones that we've played a thousand times and will gladly shell out 20 bucks to play a thousand time more!

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Admittedly though, I'll probably will shell it out for that game. I'm all for an HD FF12 also.


I'm still screaming for this bad boy


until then though


, here's to hoping that VS 13 (13 Versus?) doesn't disappoint as much as non-versus 13 did. Still have no clue what to expect from that one.

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Versus feels like it's never coming. it looked so interesting too.


yeah, ive put off revisiting VII for just waiting on that inevitable remake, but fuck it's taking it's time. i too would jump at a XII HD, but if you ever get a good PC rig, hit me up! the PS2 emulator plays FF XII Zodiac International like a beast, with all kinds've new shit too.

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