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So I just whipped this up...     Thought it came out pretty cool, and even managed to find that damn near perfect Preacher-esque font.   Aaaand I've also ordered myself a bumper sticker of thi

Here's my stab at it, taking on board all comments and developments so far.  

Cheers man. I feel so bad that you were left hack n' slashin' that image to bits when I had a layered version the whole time.       Okay, so since the smaller details are

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seriously, if we lost the duck, id scrap the whole thing.


dammit jax, i didnt even want the firefighter pic, thats from like '01 before i even had a license. see, i shoulda been clearer: by "logo" i meant frontdoor logo, or iconic symbol like our harley one. you guys came up with a few contenders (still weigh them in from time to time) but your opus was a puzzle that formed a sideways hooker. you took this forum main page logo all on by yourself, sir, and again, knocked it outta the park. i did not see this coming, i thought we were talking frontpage shit.


ok, so when i change my resolution to super-tiny, i do indeed see baytor, drinky duck etc on loop, while my standard 1024x768 (shutup) cuts off right after LL's head, leaving these 2 out. this tells me we have seemingly infinite space depending on what resolution you set your monitor at, which is cool.


i just sent jax candid shots of aarty, chief, dante, bishop, jont, SOF, panch, and a half-naked of himself for good measure. its all i had on my drive at a quick glance, but by all means, if your name's not there and you're a long-standing member, feel free to PM jax to plead your case, its his project.

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Pancho's Bar will be opening soon and everyone's invited... like a party in my pants.


So there's plenty of room, right? I like that 7-year old VamPanch is trying to eat the banner.

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Its bloody marvelous! It totally brightens up the mainpage and is fun to look at. I swear to god there must be some conflict between the hemispheres of my brain or something cos I too see something new every few times I look at it. Escher would be proud StillRevJaxBored.


I like the fact that you not only used a pic of me but one of the rare few in which i dont look like a demented fucknut. Whats the opposite to photogenic? Unphotogenic? Photocidal? Goldie Hawn? I dont know but thats what I am.


To all the people who werent included well there are a few famous faces that are notable in their absence but its a very modular banner so pics can be moved about and changed and that but unlike these other shining examples of humility I wanna enjoy my fifteen minutes for a little while :FHD:

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okay, was going through stuff that'd been shared (here & elsewhere) and stuff i tried a while back, here's what i got so far. more fontwork than icons, and i tend to think we need the latter.

















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