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Freedom Force Demo out!


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Freedom Force's demo was released this week.  A lot of talk has been going on in this area of the forum regarding City of Heroes & Freedom Force.  Here's the scoop:


City of Heroes will be a superhero MMORPG.  All of the game will be based on-line.  There will be little or no single player features.  Check out that game HERE.


Freedom Force is another superhero game that will be single & multiplayer.  The player will control a team of individuals and face off against computer enemies & other teams on-line.  Game play is semi-turn based, taking a bit of resemblance from Parasite Eve's system, except with more people to control.  For those looking for a great superhero game without the on-line fees, check out THIS and THIS

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*cricket, cricket*

Actually, Penny Arcade said it was badass...i just forgot bout it with all the City of Heroes talk.  Cant burn you a copy, but Bacchus can, so drop him a line & lemme know how it is.

PS haha Chiefy is a high-ping bastard.

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Goddamned fucking peice of fricken flaming crap!!!!! Downloaded the 50 something meg demo on my 56k, install it, and it doesnt want to work, I DLD direct x 8 and it STILL wont work, I try to uninstall it and it is missing a file, so i delete it, and now of course it wont let me reinstall it because it thinks it's still bloody installed!!! Dammit all to hell, is there any way to fix this?

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