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Beat act 5 with My amazon, Love the Slayer Title they give you after Baal. cheap fighting dirty bitch that he is. :angry:


Very kick ass fifth act, Messing with the two new classes now, Still leaning towards amazon cause of the massive havoc reeking tactics :D But I like the two new ones alot.


Can't wait to give multiplay a try.



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Yeah, the new classes are pretty good. Problem with the Assasins is that the claw weapons they depend on so much are kinda weak, due to the fact that their skills with them are very strong. There's only 1 unique claw they can use... I posted a pic of it earlier above.


Druids are very cool. I'm hoping to start one soon. Let me know when the time to kick your ass is.

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Yes they can. If your an assasin, you'll probably want a shooting merc to back you up, like an Act1 Rogue / Act3 Mageknight.


The mageknights have much better defense b/c they can use shields. The key to making their damage go sky high is giving them a 1 handed sword that has + to fire, ice, lightning and/or poison damage. Other damage really doesn't count for them. I have a sword w/ 1-348 lightning damage that will make this merc go insane on people.


The Rogues have a faster attack b/c they can use bows. I have a few bows in stock, but you can make a quick bow w/ 3 perfect gems of the same kind & a socketed bow. The damage of that bow will fly up. When she gets hit, she drops quick though.


If you want a fighter merc, don't use a barbarian... they are good, but they don't give you any protection. Grab an Act2 defensive / offensive merc b/c their aura's will affect everyone in the group.

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Yeah... unfortunately, only the Act3 merc can carry a sword & a shield, using both slots. Everyone else gets 1 weapon.


If you find ANY item that gives +1 to all skills and give it to you Rogue, she'll start shooting different kinds of arrows at enemies (fire, magic, ice, lightning, poison, buncha weird shit) Check Diabloii.net for more information.

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Remember the key w/ those guys.


Find a 1 handed sword with good base damage & high magic damage: 1-100 ice damage / fire / poison / lightning for example. The guy will continue shooting what he usually shoots, but it will be stronger.


Also, probably the best Act3 Merc to use is the Ice shooter. For a fighter, he'll help by completely freezing the enemies so you can hit them, the more power in his shot, the better he gets w/ freezing.


Another tip: if you put stuff on your merc that say "##% to find magic item", it adds to your own % to find magic item. The catch is, it only adds when the MERC kills something. So if you have 100% MF, and your merc has 70%... and you kill something by yourself, you chances are only 100%. But if your merc kills something, it adds and goes to 170%.

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Actually, there's something else you can do:


While logged into battle.net, type this command:

/f add acct_name

This will add an account to your b.net buddy list. You can track when a person gets on & off, and also see what rooms they're playing in.


To view your list hit

/f list

To remove an idiot, hit

/f remove acct_name


Add me to your list = chf_slapaho

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We'll I've got the 25th-29th off for holiday break fro work so i'll probably be on then, should be on D2 unless something ungodly kick ass gets dropped in my stocking. But I'm hoping to get some D2 carnage in this month.


Been waylaid by MOHAA online and SW: Galactic battleground. :D But I'm looking forward to pincushio... err joining ya in the dungeons soon.

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