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...ironic that im the one now bringing this cursed thread back up....


ATTENTION DIABLO WHORES who read this today and by that i mean chief


TopDawg cordially invites you to join him in Battle.net:

room: bab

pass: clan


dont forget, he's on the fancy-shmancy expansion...enjoy.

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Yeah...ok fine im mildly interested in joinin up with you two sometime but dammit i love my mouse and have no desire to kill it....that and im not payin for shit right now, and i know you guys love the expansion.

ps you know youre loving the new skin here, admit it you closet FF ho.

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First of all. The game & the expansion are pretty cheap now, $20 or less. We're waiting for the 1.10 patch release, so nows a good time to start up & learn the ropes before they change the game again. Plus, you know Bliz doesn't charge for b.net.


And yes, I appreciate the new appearance, except that it doesn't equally reflect the merger between console & PC. Or arcade for that matter.

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Well I'm finally back into the Diablo craze as chiefy said. D2 on single player kicks ass but now that I have DSL and Ping really isn't a concern anymore ( I just have danny's ISP people boot him to improve it at need :D ) I figure I may as well shift my focus to strictly online at least this way once I get back into the 40-50 lvl range i won't get bored and stop.


Chief started me off nicely, Donating some very nice gear that after a few levels I'm starting to be able to use. Fortunately D2 is much more secure as far as hacking goes so finding legit items isn't hard. I wan't to max out my amazon so i wont be making an lil ones for the forseeable future. And even though I might zoom past some characters in levels I'll always be up for a game and help out with whatever quest needs finishing. And if anybody wants to take me hunting with their elder characters I'm game for a challege.


So other than Chief and IC (your getting the game bitch) who else is interested in getting a game on? Yahve you still playing?

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