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finished! had a blast, bummed there's no more. we did cover a lot of his best villains & hit on some of the best moments from the early years of the book 


was pleasantly surprised with bits like him believing & escaping the wreckage (famous romita scene), we got 2 iterations of the sinister six, tons of high-school drama and 2 outings with venom too! 


just sucks that nearly every single piece was here, and so many didn't get their story arcs in the 2 short seasons: ned leeds, kingsley, hydro man...even cletus cassidy got a cameo!! that one stung cause the symbiote was loose soon after, but it wasn't meant to be


tons of shout-outs for book fans too, and the obligatory stan lee scene that really felt great


really wish there was more, and in the end as much as i loved the 90s cartoon, this one's gonna hold up a lot better 

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