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Xenogears positively rocked my socks. Sad thing is, it suddenly got popular loooong after it came out, but since it's hard to find, and I have a copy from when it first came out, everyone I know wants to borrow my copy.  :plain: Someone needs to buy me a PS2 just so I can play Xenosaga... well, that, and FF10.  :blush:

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Sorry to hear that, ive still yet to finish off X (collection dog tags in Metal Gear Soild 2, woo hoo!), but hey if youre one for FF & love stories, you mustve been a fan of IX & its ending...

You & Squall share a personality? You like fur coats & gunblades, or..? Just curious. :wasabi:

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Again, i agree with KOS - VII's better than VIII, at least as far as the ever-important battle system goes.

X's worth the wait, but if ya can, consider gettin IX even if its a bit of a hike - its more like the old school ones ya missed out on, but definitely one of my favorites of the series.

Id tell ya to go pick up FF Anthology & Chronicles to play those old-school ones, but if ya didnt play them in their time...i just dont think theyd hold up well.

For instance, i think FF V is ok, but if it was released here in the states back when it was supposed to - almost ten years ago, i think? - id've prolly joined many folks in heralding it as a classic.

PS...its comin, and its gonna be online...


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Well VII has the gameplay, the story and Sephiroth. VIII, well VIII had that draw system I never got into the habit of cause (at least at the start) you could only pick 4 of Attack, Item, Draw, GF and Magic, so Draw normally got left out. I liked the story but I have to admit I did tire of the game when I continually fucked up on the end of disc 3 battle. What it excelled in tho were the jaw-dropping cutscenes - the intro sequence, the duelling gardens sequence and one of the greatest ever scenes in a game, imho, the space sequence.


Can't wait to see what X is like, I'll probably get a deal that's going now here, about $14 equivalent gets you a playstation disc with FFVI and a PS2 demo disc of FFX.

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