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Strident: The Shadow Front


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Strident: The Shadow Front


Well, from what the preview at IGN says, it supposedly will play like a mix of multiple genre's.


1)  Tons of combat options.  You will get the option to sneak around Metal Gear Solid style, but to a higher degree.  You can use stealth maneuvers to avoid contact & confrontations.  Hide in the shadows, scale walls, crawl around...


If that doesn't work, you can bust out the big guns and go for the huge fireworks a-la Matrix... complete with fighting on rafters high above the ground and performing acrobatic moves to avoid damage.  One handed weapons can go from blades to pistols.  A two handed option could put you with 2 Desert Eagles (for example) or something bigger, say a Bazooka (??).


Your final option is to drop the mac 10's and go in for the close up kill.  Martial arts moves & such.  Full featured punching & kicking (perhaps like Tekken?), arial moves & more.


2)  Story's pretty interesting.  A little bit of techno-post-apocalyptic setting mixed with Deus-Ex conspiracy theory stuff.


3)  Lead character is a girl!  When's the last time we've seen a girl hero in a F/TPS?



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Basically I agree with the preview, if this game can deliver half of what it says it will, it'll be the best thing since sliced bread... hell, sliced bread would pale in comparison to how badass this game could be.  Basically, the game looks like Oni done right, which would make me a very happy man.  Oni was mediocre.  The level design was god awful, nothing but crates, and the gameplay got boring after a bit.  I like the movement towards hong kong action style stuff in games. Max Payne in still one of my faves, so it's a very cool direction these things are taking, IMO.

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