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TLH is not a real city, its only importance is as a capital like, omaha, or raleigh, or sacramento... i meant the big cities


Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Fort Myers, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete, Jacksonville, and Pensacola


pick outta that list


Hence why I picked it, it's not a real city.


But otherwise um.. Jacksonville I guess.

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that hick town??? okay then... might as well move to Northwest Arkansas cept with more polution and less trees


I'm not crazy about Budweiser drinking confederate flag waving fucktards with their naked lady mudflaps and love of NASCAR and Toby Keith. But at least I know I can interact easily with them even if I do find many of them disgusting. But honestly, once you weed out the idiots there are some genuinely nice and interesting people you meet in places like that. Either way, it's not touristy and it's not too urban (and by urban I mean urban, not "I'm too afraid to say Black People" urban)


Besides you wouldn't let me have my first choice.

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Mine too. Where do you like to do your people watching?


The place where I invariably see the most (usually unintentionally) entertaining people would be Wal-Mart. I've hung around there when I had no money just to watch White Trash dad try to argue with the Electronics Clerk about why his cell phone isn't working.


God bless you, white trash dad, you are a true American hero. :)

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Arch: Because the French and I have an agreement. I ignore them and they can suck all they like.


Well Dallas because it's just a really crappy city, the surrounding areas are nice but Dallas proper ranks up there with Miami and LA as places I could never live. Ever.


Oklahoma City because well, if I had a choice I'd send the entire state into orbit.

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