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that doesn't count, all three of thopse cities are top 25 largest in the world, east st. louis is crap...


plus, from watching the news here, i'd say most violent crimes happen in broward county... or, fort lauderdale... anyone ever notice how all the violent crimes are always up there???




have you ever even been to East St. Louis???

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Yes I have, I've been to East Saint Louis, Hell's Kitchen, Harlem, some of the shadier parts of DC, South Troost Avenue in Kansas City (a notoriously baaaaaaaaaaaad part of Kansas City), and a few other choice places. East Saint Louis is worse than you would imagine, I will never go there again.


P.S. Harlem really isn't that bad a town, it's run down and I probably wouldn't be caught there alone after dark but its really not bad.

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Why don't you ever answer my texts or my phone calls?

Because you send me a million of each roughly ever 6 seconds, but most because my phone is on vibrate and plugged into the wall and I'm too busy chasing Ean around to hear it.


Also, why do procrastinate?

I'll tell you later


Where do you want to eat for Father's Day?

A place that serves seafood or barbecue, or just large hunks of meat that taste delicious. I am not particular.

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