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Video game endings


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One of the worst game endings I can remember (aside from the already mentioned text endings) was Mario 64. After all the work it took to beat the game and save her ass, Princess Peach...bakes you a cake. That's it. You beat the game and you get a screenshot of a cake that says "congratulations" or some crap like that. Not that I ever want to see it, but I wanna know just how many times Mario has to save that Princess before he can get laid.

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Wind Waker's ending was kinda a let-down too. Aside from a really great kill shot on Ganon, there wasn't much too it. And it was too short. I'm used to the Zelda endings going back and showing you what happened to all the supporting characters, but this'n didn't do it.

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i haven't seen a goddamn good ending in forever. these new games aren't about endings anyway. anyone seen a worthwile ending for a new generation console?


anyway.. mabye it's cause i don't beat a lot of games, but i thought the ending for donkey kong country for snes was cool. that's all that comes to my memory.

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I remember how Chronotrigger used to have about 13 different endings. When did they stop doing that for other games? Anyways, I always used to wish that they would have an ending for Street Fighter games, especially the Capcom VS SNK branch or the other Crossover branches, because they could've had a very good storyline. Aside from that, other games, too, have been lacking. I haven't played XenoSaga yet, so hopefully that one won't be too bad.

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Heh, yeah, DKC for snes had a great ending. Especially when Donkey and Diddy start beating on each other at the very end. As for the new generation games... well, of course, Metal Gear Solid 2 had a great long complex ending. I never did like (even in the first one) how a great tactical espionage game spends ten minutes getting all philosophical at the end, but it's still good. I hear Kingdom Hearts has a good ending, but I still can't beat the last fucking boss to get to it. Been trying for months now.


As for bad endings, try Medal of Honor: Frontline. You steal a top-secret Nazi plane, you fly away, and it gives you a "Congratulations" card.

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I remember Mario 64's disappointing ending. The Princess gets captured (once again) and you go out on a limb to save her. Through flaming pits of magma, across rainbows, flying through clouds, swimming through water, and a whole bunch of other nonsense, and what do you get once you save the Princess at the end and finally defeat Bowser? I lowsy pie.

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Did that endin have a visual with it? Cause if it did, it beat at least 3/4 of the old 8 bit game endings, which were mostly text only.  I fakin hated that shit; spend years beatin some sadistic programmer's adventure thru rendundant labrythns and unkillable enemies - all whilst dyin in one hit, no battery back ups, etc - to finally finish the game, controller drippin in sweat, treated to "Congraturation  you beat all missions" or somethin equally translated, with at best a gif of you and some dumb lookin princess chick. Anger.

Come to think of it, even Soul Reaver's ending was text.

Hey, here's an idea: whats the worst console game ending youve ever seen?  Ill start it off with the nomination of "Alex Kidd in Mircale World", sega's weak answer to Mario.  Took me years to finish, i got an iconclusive text endin that did nothn but advertise the sequel.

More to come.

Now that my computer is finally able to process this site, I think I can come up with some sucky endings. Two games fit this category all to well. The first game would have to be Jurrasic Park for SNES. Your forced to go through an exahausting 15-20 hour trip without saving or given a password. Then when you finally beat the game you prsumedly fly away in a helicopter. It just shows the island fly float away in the distance. Finally you get the old congratulations on beating the game.

The other game would have to be ONE for PSX. You go through the game being chased by some guys and at the end you find out that the character's pissed and he wants revenge. WOW that's great.

Although I haven't seen it for myself I've heard that Atari was the best system for having dumb endings. I heard if you get EXTREMELY HIGH scores the game just RESETS. No game over's, no congat's, no texts. Just RESETS.

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Ha, I have that Jurassic Park game. I never had the time or patience to beat it, though. Stupid no saves game, what were they thinking? Got pretty far once, almost to the end, must've, because I spent a good 7 hours doing it. But...I think I died. Stupid raptors. Now that I know the ending was crappy, though, I'm not all that depressed about it. It was an interesting game, though. Far as I know it was the first game on a console to attempt a first-person shooter. Did a decent job of it, too, for SNES.

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Although the ending may not seem so diaappointing to you, I had a diffrent reaction. After spending hours and hours of sleepness nights and many days where I had to keep my SNES on just to keep my game alive, I thought there HAD to be some type of amazing ending. Of couse when I saw the actual ending....well...let's just say most people would have to buy a new controller, console, T.V., and VCR.

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Back to The Future Ending


Just look at this site to see what acalis and I got to see for all our time and effort to finish Back to the Future, and tell me if it was worth it!  :hmph:


Oh yeah, that was AGES ago! I remember the look on our faces when we beat the game the first time, and we thought "THAT'S IT??!!!" Man oh man we were pissed!


One game I was rather surprised had a crappy ending considering how great the game was (and still is) was the original Final Fantasy. I mean talk about all that hard work, and all you got immediately after beating Chaos was a screenshot of what looked like the Everglades or something with the end story and a cheesy drawing of the words "The End". When the remake of the game was released as part of the PS game Final Fantasy Origins, the ending was the same, but they also included an extended ending with credits and really cool 3d-ish video shots.


I also remember the NES game Time Lord. I had it for years, was never able to beat it until I came across some secret Game Genie codes for it (the manual doesn't have codes for Time Lord, I had to look them up on the net), and even then, the ending was very disappointing! :D

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February 10, 2012 – Spoiler alert! Today, Guinness World Records, the global authority on record-breaking, announced the Top 50 Videogame Endings of All Time as voted for by 13,519 online fans. Conducted for the new Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition book, the list is sure to cause heated debate among passionate gamers.


50. Resident Evil 4

49. Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic

48. Ratchet & Clank: a Crack in Time

47. Crysis 2

46. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

45. Call of Duty: World at War

44. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

43. Half-Life 2: Episode Tow

42. Super Metroid

41. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

40. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

39. inFamous

38. Fallout 3

37. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

36. Gears of War 2

35. Bioshock

34. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

33. Sonic Adventures 2

32. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

31. Kingdom Hearts II

30. Mass Effect

29. Super Mario Galaxy

28. Sonic the Hedgehog

27. Metal Gear Solid

26. Assassin's Creed II

25. Assassin's Creed

24. Shadow of the Colossus

23. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

22. Kingdom Hearts

21. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

20. Super Mario Galaxy 2

19. Mass Effect 2

18. Grand Theft Auto IV

17. Portal 2

16. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

15. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

14. Halo: Combat Evolved

13. Halo 3

12. Pokemon Black and White

11. Super Mario Bros

10. Heavy Rain

9. Final Fantasy VII

8. Metal Gear Solid 4

7. Portal

6. Red Dead Redemption

5. God of War

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

2. Halo: Reach

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops


WTF is this shit?


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Quiet, you.


Out of curiosity, did anyone here actually beat Black Ops? I certainly didn't. I played an evening of split screen, but that's the extent of my time with the game.


Could it perhaps have had a really badass ending? Like it turns out you're a Hitler clone sent from the future or some shit.

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