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Ah, I just finished Warcraft III. I so want to work for Blizzard now more than ever. These guys just know how to have fun at work. Not to give the story away but after the "real" ending. there are a ton of funny scenes ranging from outtakes to football games. I really hope they come out with an expansion pack soon. it would be so worth every darned penny :D I may actually buy it for a change instead of using good ol hotline.....


maybe :D

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That was a good game. I haven't beaten it yet (my stupid game keeps locking up and annoying the piss outta me, and causing me to abandon the game for weeks on end) so I haven't seen those scenes yet...dammit. One thing did bug me, though... I wish the game and the cutscenes matched up better. The cutscenes had incredible photo-realism, but the rest of the game was incredibly cartooney. It seemed like a bit too much've a contrast. I woulda settle for StarCraft realism with the gameplay, at least. Mm, but daaaaamn, those cinema scenes were nice. I got the dvd of 'em.

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There's no way that can happen on a complicated PC strategy game. With so much going on, the processor has a hard enough time keeping up with player movements and buildings & such, plus special effects. It would never be able to produce graphics that were as detailed as the intro movie at the same rate as is needed to keep up with the game.


Plus they have to take into account that someone could be playing it on a P3 500mHz, while someone else is playing it on a dual Athlon MP 1800+ system. So they have to find a happy medium in terms of graphics.

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