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Game advertising hits new low


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Just when you thoguht you were to cynical to find anything shocking anymore, you find humanity NEVER ceases to amaze you. These are lines you never expect people to cross because you never even thought about that line existing in the first place. Naturally, I think if a family wants to do this, they have all the right too, it's just so hanous to me that people actually think these things up and impliment them. I mean, I guess I would be as surprised if it was Nike doing this.... Yikes. Just yikes.

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Not quite as shamelss, but pretty bad...Acclaim's new bit was to get 5 UK people to legally change their names to just "Turok" for a year. Crunk Games comments...


Immortalize yourself by advertising for Acclaim! Disgrace your tombstone! Change your name to Turok for a year! Better yet, make it the name of your newborn child! After all, nothing better cements the union of love that you and your partner have cultivated than by labeling the newest addition to your family after an imaginary dinosaur hunter. How do you explain this to your friends and family, or your poor child? "Oh, uh, it's ethnic. No, that's not my copy of Seeds of Evil on the coffee table."


Here are the wankers who won an X-box, but lost their souls.

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