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Check this preview out.  It's part 1 of two but gives you a good idea of the gist of the game.  I mentioned this one in my rant about stuffI wish more RPGs did.  This one's looking to be badass.  The ultimate in non-linear interactive stuff.  This one's part of a series, the previous one (daggerfall) was one of teh most interactive games I've played.  Every single object on every shelf could be taken and examined.  Every book on every bookshelf could be read (and not 1 page worth of big text that tells you a hint, entire short stories and manuals in each book), and there was over 100 towns to explore.  This one promises to do the same, with an engine that puts your FPSs to shame, and less of a cookie-cutter feel since it'll have a system of culture and politics to it.  This is on the top of my list for reasons I'm getting a new computer.

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