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anyone like noise?merzbow is the most known artist. "There's a wider variety of unexpected sounds than those normally heard in a Merzbow listening session in this sonic inundation. Unguessed-at dimensions are accessed through 1930 via sensory overload of oscillations, infinitely layered static, frequencies from pitch to buzz -- an explosion could get lost in this, and many do. It is the sounds of tuning in the radio, only to catch the low-end frequencies of an earthquake. Music has long explored -- and exploited -- its ties to emotions; the genre of noise, it seems, has moved on to exploring sound's physical effects. Merzbow, the leader of Japanese noise, has learned how to use sound to operate on your brain; he utilizes indiscernible frequencies to poke pinholes in your eardrums and bleed out your preconceived notions of sound, music, and how they can affect you. This listening experience is not simply a result of sheer volume (Merzbow is generally listened to very loudly): Even while turned down low, the sounds all combine into an irresistible force that messes with your physical being. It will scramble your brain, until consciousness barely registers anything but sound. [Note: This is, however, a somewhat temporary effect.]"

Download Merzbow - 1930 (full album)

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seriously, thats just dialup.... what drugs do you need to be on to enjoy this, because i can't think of any that i've had in my system that would make that sound any better.

maybe the videos don't justify it


i listen to noise late at night.. it just overwhelms me.. gives me solace... has an incredible effect on me

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Hell yes! I was going to start a noise thread but I didn't know where to start and I anticipated the reaction it was gonna get from this crowd. Merzbow is the fucking man, and boy is noise music another peice of evidence that the Japanese are better at everything.


Hanatarash (Fronted by Yamakata Eye of the Boredoms) is the most intense thing in the universe



Keiji Haino: Guitarist of noise rock band Fushitsusha has some amazing solo noise stuff.



Otomo Yoshihide noise turntableist and guitarist



Kylie Minoise to get someone on the british front


And the fuckin OG's of noise, Nihilist Spasm Band



I'm obviously not as into the purely electronic stuff like Prurient, tho Merzbow is a definite exception. Huge noise rock fan, Boredoms, Lightning Bolt, Fushitsusha, The Swans, Sonc Youth, etc etc.


As far as people wondering how one can like this stuff, a few related genres that kind of crossover into noise at times are industrial (einsterzen Neubauten, test dept. throbbing gristle etc) psychedelic (Acid mother's temple, ghost, boris) ambient electronic (some brian eno) and definately free jazz (coltrane's "Ascension," John Zorn)


Also see John Cage, composer, theorist, and father of many aural avante garde ideas.

This clip is good because it's him being presented to a mainstream audience.



Anyways, this post is getting too long; that's why I didnt start the thread in the first place.

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Brilliant stuff that. Absolutely brilliant. Hanatarash are fantastic. I actually discovered Boredoms first. Then I read in his previous band he rammed a car or something through a wall of the venue.


wow, i love every artist you've mentioned, what a fantastic post.

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I'd honestly rather gently cup an old guy's scrotum than listen to this shit, and nick, weren't you the one saying listening to cannibal corpse was more a feat of endurance than music?


I surely hope you're being sarcastic with your post.

It's not our fault you don't like or understand noise music. Or, just noise. Regardless of what some like to argue, it is music. Noise is music. It's orchestrated, it's composed, it's music in its rawest form. It has pitch, it has tone, and frequency. It reflects certain emotions.


It's not about mathematical elegance within time signatures or neat chord-patterns.. it's challenging, it's confrontational, it's open-minded


once you understand music for what it is you'll understand noise. Sometimes when something is so ugly, there lies great beauty within. Like I said, videos do not do this genre justice. Download the album link, stick it on, turn it to a volume that suits you, and just listen. That's what I did. Your mind starts finding that missing elegance and time signatures, you start picking them up by yourself. Even when the piece has finished, you can still hear it playing. It's a fascinating experience and the effect it has on you aurally, physically, and emotionally is fantastic.

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I get what it is, i just don't like something that is going to call me a headache and possible haemmoraging, i could achieve the same thing by leaving my blender motor running constantly. Its the same thing with some modern classical music, raymond deane for example, its terrible classical music and doesn't deserved to be classed as such.


If i wanted to listen to something thats devoid of structure and leaves me feeling awesome, i'll listen to gabba.

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well, for one, im a big fan of Ynnad Zednanref, specifically his pre-RRFC works when he got all commercial. guy's the truth.


but to be honest, no, what ive heard of noise hasnt done it for me, though i might give some of alla that a try sometime. they might be onto something.

take Coltrane, musical fucking genius, right? Its easy for me to adore Blue Train, A Love Supreme, pretty much any of his works with Miles, Monk and such. Some hardcore musicians/jazz aficionados ive know, way more into it all that i admittedly, take his LSD-esque cosmic/transcendent shit like its art where i hear random notes. I clearly dont appreciate works like Interstellar Space like they do, but i'm not prepared to call it the emporer's new clothes just because i dont.

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might wanna check out john zorn.. specifically his project naked city. i gave you a lighthearted video, shit gets crazy later on, gets in some jap nutter called Eye on vocals



then check out merzbow when you're up for it



"don't play what's there - play what's not there"

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Aww man. John Zorn was playing here in New York last night but it was like 70 dollars or something cause it was a charity thing. Naked city is off the goddamned chain.


If I may point out, comments like "This is the worst shit ever," and "I dont know what drugs you need to be on to listen to this" are a bit outdated. I thought we got over the idea of stuff like this existing somewhere in the 60's. Yes, it's the year 2008, and there's a lot of weird music and art out there, and books have been written about it and PHd's have been earned from it and the value of experimental art and the avante garde is not really a topic that's being debated by serious people anymore. To argue that John Cage's or Marcel Duchamp's

ideas are not worthwhile is to sound like a conservative 1920's art critic. That being said noone is being put down for not liking this stuff, but it's kind of rediculous to give the obvious "But... but this is just.... NOISE!?!???" response.


Here's some serious baby steps; sonic youth performing "Silver Rocket" off of "Daydream Nation," the ultimate noise/rock crossover album. At first you'll be like "But Danny, this is just a rockin' 90's indie band!" but pay special attention towards the middle of the song cause that part is why they're one of the most influencial bands of all time.





Another point I'd like to make is that just like anything else, there are people who are good at this, and there are people that are bad at this. I've been way into the Florida noise scene recently and let me tell you, there are some guys who just set up a bunch of echo pedals and do a bunch of bullshit, and there are some guys that blow me away.


Local goodies


Hal Mcgee: Gainesville's goddamned Theremin master!



Klang Quartet North Carolina crazy percussionist noise performance artist who plays central flordia alot



Gem of Skin Orlando local and good friend. Lots of contact mics and intense performances; forgive all the bullshit video effects the idiot who filmed this used.


And nick, I think the government took your Ynnad Zednanref links down. I heard he had to flee Orlando and currently resides in Brooklyn.




But yes, I can tell the difference between good noise and bad noise just like you can tell a good punk band from a bad one, even though all punk bands sound kind of "Bad."

Again, not putting anyone down for not "getting it" and I'm not being condescending by saying you don't "get" noise music. I, for example don't "get" a lot of electronic music. The stuff I like is all the most obvious crossover stuff like the chemical brothers, Justice, etc. I've tried to get into more stuff, but it just doesn't click with me. I definitely see worth and talent in the music, but something about my current sensibilities kind of distance me from it. Anyways, if you're interested in knowing more about this stuff at all, you've got two people here who are quite passionate about it!

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