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Weezer, the red album

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Just got done listening to this a couple times. I like it, Its got a good mix of happy fast paced tunes, along with some more mellow sweet songs. I bet alot of people are gonna say it sounds like everything else they've done. My response to that is, "is that really such a bad thing?", not to me. They also change it up and let the bass player sing on some tracks, or at least one, I didn't really keep track. That is a first though...Isn't it?


This picture is just too damn cute!!!!



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OK, so I down loaded this album, and I have some thoughts.


I really like this album. It's their strongest effort since the Green Album, and while not as solid as their first three, has some songs that stack up well against their best. I will be buying the hard copy, and if you are also going to buy it, I definitely recommend you spend the extra 3 bucks and pick up the deluxe edition. The four bonus tracks are some of my favorites on the album.


The album kicks off with Troublemaker, a song is classic Weezer style and a great upbeat way to start the album.


Then comes the ambitiously epic suite, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn). The 6 minute song has like 10 different musical styles, including a little rapping. It's definitely weird, but after 2 or 3 listens, it became one of my favorites.


Then comes Pork & Beans. It sounds awkward are first, but it's goos standard Weezer fare.


The fourth song is Heart Songs. This song reminds of another Weezer song, Freak You Out from the last album, but without the echoiness.


Then comes Everybody Get Dangerous. This song is similar in tone to We Are All On Drugs from the last album and almost sounds like Rock Star by NERD at times.


Next is Dreamin'. A good song, but needs more direction to be as long as it it.


The next three songs (Thought I Knew, Cold Dark World and Automatic) are each sung by one of the three band members that don't sing lead most of the time, and I'm not to keen on their voices. The first one in particular songs like a singer from another band, but I can't place it. I hope these songs grown on me, cause if they do, I'll have an almost completely solid album.


The non-deluxe album closes with The Angel & The One. This is slow quiet one that builds up, but while I like most Weezer songs that work like that (Only In Dreams is one of my favorite Weezer songs), I didn't care for this one.


The album continues on the Deluxe Edition with Miss Sweeney, and great, awkwardly written singing-as-if-you're-talking song (kinda like Have A Cigar by Pink Floyd, if I had to compare it) about a businessman with a secret crush on his female subordinate co-worker, talking about some business affairs and spontaneously sliding into a silly/cheesy love song and back. I love it.


Next is Pig, and it's about the life and times of a pig on a traditional farm, from birth, playing with other pigs int he mud, falling in love, getting married, having kids, and eventually being slaughtered but having no regrets with his life. It's a very emotional but fun song, one of my favorites off the album.


The Spider is next, and it's thematically and musically similar to Butterfly of Pinkerton. If you like Butterfly, you should like The Spider.


Finally, the album closes with King. This song is not sung by Rivers, but I didn't realize until I checked online for some album facts. It's a story-telling song in the tradition of folk/country songs. Great song and a solid closer.

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Thats a pretty good and thorough reveiw there jax, clearly I need to check out those bonus tracks.


The international version has one bonus track, its really good, its a cover of "the band"s the weight. You'd most likely recognize it. Apparently there's also even more bonus songs than those five. Itunes has a few. There is also another uk cover somewhere, and also a japan bonus track cover.*


*according to wikipedia

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