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So, this thread = inevitable. Its selling like penis mightier. I expect to see it in gyms soon enough.


anyone actually tried it yet? yes, yes, we can do push-ups and hula hoop and such without paying like $90 (i really wish id bought a few to sell on ebay), but you know, Wii Sports was a lotta fun, and im curios. Though i do think its important to note that even the creators said this game is not meant to supplement actual exercise (honestly, a Dance Dance Revolution workout would prolly be better), though if you're of the "better than nothing" mindset, yes, it is that. Just dont believe the Body Mass Index (BMI) when it says you're fat, cause i believe i'm fat by its standards and that's fucking silly. You need a real body fat test. Or, look down, fatty. Anyway.


Anyway, here's the greatest possible good to come from this game: hot-ass gamer/bunny Jo Garcia playing said game.

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