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icecream cake... IceCreamCake... ICECREAMCAKE!!!


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Oh by the way Nick... what's your take on pie? Or cake? And ice cream?


guys... i have a philosophy i live by LIVE by... @_@

just keep an open mind for a sec now...

Icecream cake... ever remember a terrible time with icecream cake in ur mouth??? nonono... not icecream.. not cake.. not icecream w/ cake...



Ok.. my philosophy is that all the problems of the human race can be solved and always will be solved by icecream cake...true??? yes???????????


so far nothing can disprove this philosophy @_@

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ive never had icecream cake

Sweet Baby Moses in the river, woman! Go treat yourself tonight. Even though I've only had icecream cake on birthdays (it's been a tradition in my family for the past 10 years or so--everyone gets an icecream cake on their b-day) you really don't need an excuse or special occasion to get started on the icecream cake bandwagon. IceManML is on to something here w/ this philosophy.

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