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Yeah, I'm shamelessly ripping this idea off from the Riff Trax blog, but it was so awesome I had to. Post the worst songs you have ever heard, hopefully ones with accompanying music videos that really just add to the effect. Country, rock, hip-hop, techno, we all know that 90-percent of everything is shit, but this should be the merde-de-le-merde so to speak.


To begin I give you LIP GLOSS by Lil' Mama:




sadly this has embedding disabled by request. But HOLY SHIT!


and I'll leave you with one of the ones picked by the Riff Trax guys:


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I don't know why I'm posting the videos to these as they're currently playing FUCKING EVERYWHERE

but here we go:


Bubbly by Colby Callait (I swear she wrote this entire goddamn song around the word "nose")


Crank That (Soulja Boy) by Soulja Boy (Why can't this guy get shot? Also, Cabana drums? What the fuck?!)


Cupid Shuffle - Cupid (It's like bad R&B but with the addition of bad rap)


Enjoy your brain cancer

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im having a hard time topping these. "i wanna make love in this club" is awful but overexposed, here' something from miami that's so bad i hope it never escapes our borders.



and yeah, im not sure why they have some vick mackey-shield-looking-guy chase them at the start either. its so bad it sounds like parody.

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