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SNL Skit Ideas

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I dunno if this belongs here or in Pimp Hand, but I figured since it involves shows like SNL, MadTV, etc, that this may be a good place for it, but feel free to move it if you think it better belongs in Pimp Hand or elsewhere.


I have had several ideas for skits on SNL & MadTV for a while now, so I thought I'd start a thread where we could share some ideas. I know ASC has a bunch of them from the videos he's posted on here, so I am sure he'll be contributing to this thread a lot I am sure.


I'd love to see an entire skit parodying a Special News report, and it's a special report about absolutely nothing happening. I mean it has everything you can think of in a special report: live on-scene coverage, helicopter footage, interviewing various specialists, even a presidential speech about it. "My feller Amuricans... absolutely nothing is happening... Any questions from the press panel?" That would be funny as heck.


Also I notice how SNL parodies real-life commercials. I'd love to see a parody of those Nasonex commercials with that big bee that sounds like Antonio Banderas. I love how in the commercials no one seems to notice the king-size bee floating just a couple of feet nearby. Well do a parody commercial where after their nose feels better, they see the bee and freak out running. I mean if you saw a bee the side of a small baby floating nearby, I bet you would run for the hill also!


Share your opinions and ideas!

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