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Guest Yahve

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those "mouse & keyboard" people

By that you mean normal folk? Surely you don't play PC games with a joypad....or do you even play PC games?


I've no idea if I'm any good at deathmatches, I'm normally killed by an LPB before I even see em, damn Ireland's dodgy phone network!


"Hello, is this Eircom customer services? Yeah just a quick question...WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH A 250 PING?!!

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Guest Yahve

i learned to be good with 450 ping on AOL.  i was unstoppable when i started using the University Sick Speed Connection.   Now I suck ass, years later with no fragging. :(  I just had my ass handed to me in Q3 :scared:


How are you internet folk going to manage in the OldWorld with the fall of KPN Quest?  I hear half of europe's internet is comming down.  Lagfest for all.

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