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Heh. This was actually pretty amusing. Wait until you've seen the laptop scene. You'll know what I mean. Oh, and the doctor scene (what he says at the end of the scene).


I enjoyed this movie (just to be absolutely clear).


I liked it a lot i must admit, it was very very funny in how awkward the main character was at times. It did make me cross my legs a lot however.

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the film was dunno shit why even wrote a review about it. you obviously enjoyed it to go so indepth with it


I'm not sure if that sentence even communicates much more than a bunch of words put together but I think what you're trying to say is that you're crying foul because if I was able to go so in-depth into a movie how could I possibly have not loved it like Robert Downey Jr. loves crack, to put it quite simply, I watched it, I paid attention to it and thus was capable of voicing an opinion as a review that reads as follows...


"Teeth" - It was shit.


Tells everyone nothing and defeats the purpose of writing a review in the first place.


P.S. Punctuation and capitalization are your friends.

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yeah bruv i'm just saying, i wouldn't have reviewed that shit cause it was so whack.


i'm a rudebwoi dont need geek shit


That defeats the point entirely, honestly I take more pleasure in cutting something off at the knees and watch it feebly try and drag itself away trailing blood than put it on a pedestal any day. It gets annoying trying to come up with different ways to say something is good, but it's always easy to find the right way to blast something out of the water.

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did you like the scene where u get 2 see her tits

Amen to that brother, of all things shown I was curious if they'd ever get to it.


Anways, this was in a way funny, the parts most hilarious are

the reaction shots of all the dudes missing their penises, that shit had me rolling. Also the doctor dragging her around on the chair, jerking her back and forth, that was priceless.


The end reminded me of the old Incredible Hulk TV show, she's now going to wander around from town to town taking penises off of guys that deserve it. Also the old man at the end, what the fuck is up with that? Could he not talk, that was creepy.


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doj you got one of those obscure memories? probably remember conversations your mum had when you were in the womb and shit


i used to travel pass that power plant in the background scenes every day. it was strange seeing that in an american film, because it's from such a strange area in england

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