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Okay so I got tired of always linking to this place with my movies reviews so from now on they will be found at this blog I made for everyone's (in)convenience. So here it is: Questionably Content


So there you have it folks, currently the only reviews up are my reviews of The Happening, Kung Fu Panda, The Incredible Hulk, and Teeth, I imagine my Fido, The Mist, and Automaton Transfusion reviews will gravitate that way as well not sure about the others just yet I may redo them.

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Oh I see... Your reviews are suddenly too good for Hondo's and the Knoll, eh? :p


seriously. bad enough you clowns just copy & paste things back and forth on here & the knoll, now i got a 3rd site, beyond baytor's 4th one for his forum for the webcomics, and....man, the interents are so much work these days.

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well, your review sold me on REC, downloading it next. I do finally wanna see Cannibal Holocaust, and gotta look into that indy chicken one.


that said, i wanna add your review blog to our links, man - whip up a logo when you can.

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