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Ok folks Got D2 installed and by the miracles modern technology (beating my computer physically) I have finally gotten Diablo 2 running in multi player.


So... here's what i'm setting up. I'm logging into the USeast server (not sure if it matters) and if ANYONE is playing check AIM for ye clansmen, if that doesnt find you anyone the room we will use if we are playing will be


Room: bab

Password: clan


This way we can all jump in with whoever is on and not have to search endless rooms. I'll be jumping between EQ and D2 so i'll be on my AIM name when i'm up for D2...


the400lbWanker  ;)


So post here if your up for a game, and lemme know your AIM/AOL name so i can get some semblance of a buddylist going again.



6th season Necromancer

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Also, a quick reminder for folks playing with the "not quite legal" discs (i.e. Nick and anyone else with a bunred copy) Those will NOT work in multiplayer as Blizzard needs an authentic CD key before allowing you into battle.net


So, everyone make sure they have a valid "Official" Copy or try to work out some kind of Sharing system to take turns or something so we can all get some time in-game.


Who knows maybe some of us will cough up a few bucks for the real version...yeah riiiiight. Thats right up there with chiefy "borrowing" a few copies from best buy :D




"Ow! TD that was my ass! Watch yer aim!

         Sorry couldn't tell yer ugly mug from the Urdaemons nick..."

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Unfortunately in order to use BNet reliably we need a code,  so i allready told Chief to get me a "discounted" copy of his BestBuy Finest grade D2- expansion.  Take the hit in order to play with everyone simultaneously.  i'm game just waitin on chief to provide :p

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Well, Diablo III has been announced, and I am happy as shit (well, sad too, but that will be in the D3 thread.) however I know that TONS of hondonians have played this game throughout the years, and I think it would be awesome to get a good old fashioned Hondo's game going on on BN.


Heck, even the NZA has told me he might be interested. So, who wants in and what class to you want to play? IIRC, D2 has 8 player battlenet shit, so we could rock a hell of a game! I'm also taking this time to call out Chief from the ether, I know he wants in on this.


So, I'll be the first to call me class: I'm gonna go Necro.


Who else wants in?


Edit: Ok, so far we have:


Me: Necro

Drifter: Pally

Maldron: Assassin

Irish Ninja: Barb?

GunsmithX: Undecided

Lycaon: Undecided

Lorelei: Undecided

and still waiting to see if CJ is going to want in. Classes that haven't been taken yet are Sorceress, Druid, and Amazon, though with 8 people at least one will be a repeated class.

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Well, with IN, that would be the 8 we need for a full game.


So far we have:


Me: Necro

Drifter: Pally

GunsmithX: unknown

Lycaon: unknown (needs to find a copy)

Lorelei: unknown

Irish Ninja: Unknown (if he can find his copy)

Maldron: Unknown

Evermalice: Maybe?

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Just ordered the battlechest, be here by the third... I goddamn call Pally...


You can have it! Self righteous warriors of virtue...


By the way - if your own copy is in boxes, is it really more efficient to order it to come in on the third than just look for it? Obviously I'm ignorant of your situation, but I'm curious.

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