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Kung-Fu Max Payne


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Good Readin'!


Dont' know if you guys are up on this yet.  Basically, it's a mod that turns Max Payne from a shoot-em-up, to a mano-a-mano 3D fighter.  The slow-mo dodging has been reworked to also include blocking & several new kinds of dodging.  The guy's still working on the game to include more martial-arts attacks.

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Yeah, I've been using this one for a while, ogtta update it though.  Been trying to beat it with only fists and feet, utterly badass.  Cool thing is that the guy is leting other Moders stick his kung fu mod into their mods to replace the Pipe on the weapons list, so now kung fu is like, a standard feature in just about every max Payne mod.  Can't wait till he goes all out and adds all the new stuff.

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Well, I downloaded version 3 a day ago & have been playing it for a bit now. Pick it up here


The Mod works great, you can practice your moves in a dojo straight out of Matrix w/ spawnable bad guys & whoop their asses repeatedly. There's a point to it tho, your character's Kung-Fu skills level up & the combo's get better. I haven't mastered wall running yet and I can't figure out how to block, but its still good stuff. Cool shit about the dojo, you can kick a guy into the wooden pillars and watch it break. You can also do a wall jump behind the guy a la Neo... pretty phat.


You should see the new ways Max moves w/ guns.




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