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These internets say its coming to the US (PS2) Dec. 9th, thought a few of you might get a kick out of that. Wiki says:


Rather than the city locales of previous games in the series, Persona 4 will take place in a fictional Japanese countryside. It has been said to feature a weather forecast system with events happening on misty days to replace the moon phase system (with events happening on full moons in Persona 3) implemented in the previous games. Its story is a suspenseful countryside murder mystery with multiple twists and turns in the plot.
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well, there's a lot less to worry about for grabbing this one early, as it looks like there wont be a FES, for better or worse.


"We are today able to announce that at no point in the future will we announce the release of a "FES" version of Persona 4,” said Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The very finest, most definitive version of Persona 4 will be the one released on December 9, 2008.”


now, if you're an atlus freak saddened by this news, fear not, amazon has you covered.

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I cant believe its due out thursday. im not even done with Fallout yet.


Kotaku review's up, and it pretty much sounds like a tightened-up part 3, with a little less odd philosophy, which could go either way for me. Some take it that the characters/plot are lessened, that's not what i gathered from it at all - the biggest complaint seemed to be that uh, its long as fuck, and "its not on the PS3" which is a moot thing for me, cause that's what im gonna play it on anyway.


this segment helped a bit:


Murder She Wrote: Here’s the plot: you’re a transfer student sent to live with your uncle, a police detective, in the sleepy town of Inaba. Once you get there, people are abuzz about this phenomenon called the Midnight Channel. If someone appears on the Midnight Channel, they suddenly go missing in real life. If it rains, his or her dead body appears in the town on the first foggy day after the rain clears. As the game progresses, people you know start appearing on the Midnight Channel and gameplay revolves around trying to save them. The murder mystery angle makes the dungeon crawling more bearable. Not only are you actually concerned about the victims you’re trying to save, but it breaks down the actually “dungeon” into smaller, more bearable chunks. And being governed by the weather (instead of the full moon from Persona 3) makes your time-management of crawling versus school life more urgent.


Looking forward to the weather mechanics & all, not entirely looking forward to losing another 100+ hours of my life so ill likely sit on this for a few months till im longing a good RPG again, we'll see. hopefully it wont be hard to find by then.


ps what the hell is eternal poison?

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oh my god



am i visiting the school from part 3? this is the best game




so glad i slept on this one for a while, it emulates extremely well in PCSX2, it's the perfect answer to the JRPG slump parts of this gen have seen and save states don't hurt it neither :2T:


i totally had to look up some of the social links that i would not've found otherwise. my team is finally kicking ass at around level 46 or so, watching sen play through 3 reminded me how much i love the balance of social links/cultural events (plot/character stuff) and dungeon crawling a couple times a month.

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I haven't picked up a Persona game since.... 2? I even missed out on the SMT games. I was like this guy in love with the /concept/ of persona. Had artbooks, followed every news article that came out and was even that asshole who would say shit like: "you've never heard of PERSONA?" at parties.


I was getting ready to head out for my roadtrip to MI and was like...maybe I should pickup a game for the road, and I've had people telling me Persona 4 was fantastic...a LOT. I didn't know if it could live up to the hype. I remember combat in persona 1 and 2 being a pain, merging personas made no sense and it was easy to be under-leveled for dungeons.


But, it would be shitty of me to continue being that guy who said he loved Persona, if I never actually played another one, so I picked Persona 4 up and hit the road.


.......jesus fuck this game beats the shit out of the hype and rectally violates it while screaming "Sempai"


I've been taking my time with it. I just got Rise's dungeon done. The fusion system is /kind-of/ explained better in this one, and it's not as grindy. The best way I can describe it is: a welcome logical evolution of the turned based JRPG genre.


And the characters are amazing. I do love how the meat of the game is human psychology and the monsters we have inside. I wish that they had the brass balls to go all the way with the coming to terms with homosexuality story but I get it, they wanted to make it a little lighthearted.


...oh Persona, I've missed you.

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Just finished the summer beach trip. Wondering if I missed out on anything good by spending a week working at Junes (since it kinda auto fast forwards 4 days). Obviously the guy we caught can't be the killer.



Loving it so far. Close to maxing nurse and Yukiko bonds.


Who was the person you guys chose to bond with quickly? Also, fuck doing dungeons - they burn through my MP items. I can hardly buy enough to keep up!

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You're the first Marie fan i've met. I've been trying to work on her social link more but she's not always accessible so right now I'm working heavily on










I assume a new game plus is required to max all social ranks.


Bindy knows what's up Yukino + Rise = True Happiness. You can totally max out all the social links, before new game +. If you want to get the epilogue and the new dungeon though you MUST max out Marie before 12/23.

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OK so. 2nd run - Missed the fucking book trophy, went full harem, got true ending.


Still in love with this game, but i don't think ill do a run through to get the stupid book trophy for a while. Level 99 which is something i haven't done in an RPG since FF7. Got the true ending.


Finished the Persona 4 anime, moving on to the persona 4 golden anime. because only japan would think to make a new game + anime.


True ending = Naoto, damn girl you grew up and got hot. Kanji, you look like a wanker.

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