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PC: Jedi Outcast


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I got this along with my new computer and I've been playing it ever since.  damn this game is cool.  It starts off REALLY slowly, but the minute you get the lightsaber it becomes cool as hell.  Force powers work really well in combination with the saber.  YOu can use force push to just push people down, or make grenades fly back to the thrower, force pull to grab their guns, force speed doesnt speed you up but slows the whole world down.... too cool.  I haven't played real multiplayer yet, but lightsaber dueling against bots is really fun.  If you're willing to get through the first 3 or so boring levels, this game is a must have.  I guess there's some annoying puzzles too, but every FPS has em.  Definately worth it for the cool lightsaber combat.

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