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E3 2008


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yeah, so, pretty much how it went.

i was meaning to start a wishlist/bets thread here, but honestly, after FF XIII was announced being multi-platform, fuckall basically happened.


MS announced a new OS/dashboard in the future with mii-like avatars, Sony showed crappy CG concept trailers of God of War III and half-announced a Socom MMO.




Nintendo's presser was pretty much the worst of the 3, with this site comedically highlighting the 5 worst moments. And yes, Wii Music got its nom.



Capcom prattled on about the Lost Planet movie for like 15 minutes and called it a night. Konami showed a crazy Castlevania fighter for the Wii, some great Silent Hill 5 footage, and then left after embarassing themselves off the stage with basically Rock Band lite.


All in all, we got some fun videos & demos on XBL/PSN, but if it wasnt for gems like Mirror's Edge id say it was pretty dismal. Here's to hoping for surprises from Tokyo Game show (Alan Wake, Team Ico's next project, Heavy Rain etc).

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