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Great Music Dvds/Bluray/HD DVD - Whatever

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Was just watching a couple of music dvds earlier very loudly and thought this would be a good thread idea.


So i'll start with




I know they may not be everyone's cup of tea, but musically these guys are among the best i've ever seen, saw their last gig in Dublin and it was amazing. The harmonies are awesome, and the music is pitch perfect. These guys are real pro's, and it was a privilege being there, 5 rows from the front too!


Anyway, this dvd has the added bonus of a DTS 5.1 track which sounds absolutely amazing, its not quite the concert experience, but i'd recommend it to anyone who maybe didn't get a chance to see these boys!

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I second Dr. G. on the Tori. I have Welcome to Sunny Florida, Fade to Red (Collections of Tori's videos).


Live Gary Numan and Live Skinny Puppy (cant' remember the DVD titles off the top of my head).


My favorite Music DVDs are, however are the Rammstein Ones. Lichtspielhaus, Live Aus Berlin, and Völkerball are DIVINE. They put on a good show no matter what. My preferred viewing of choice when I'm drinking... <3

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