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PC: Starships Unlimited


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Starships Unlimited


Last game of this genre that caught my eye was the 4CD set of Imperium Galactica 2 and still, even over a Gig worth of install space, resides on my drive and is played often. (FYI - rated 93% @IGN, I concur)


This game, Starships Unlimited, promises to go beyond what IG2 did.  First of all, the overall size of the playing universe is expanded in comparison to IG2 (which after a while seemed just a lil bit smaller than perfect) boasting 150+ solar systems and several galaxies (IG2 only had 1 big one).  Besides the typical universal-conquest goals, the player has to learn to live with 7 other species through 4 different ages of technology each.  Cities on different environments will look & function differently also.


For the player, the game will also attempt to keep you entertained by providing you with much more customizable features for your species as well as your starships & bases.  (IG2 was only able to provide customizing for the properties of the ships, such as weapons & shields, appearance stayed stock).  The game will allow the player to design the faces of his/her species.... that should be fun.


The demo's out.  Maybe TD / Junker can give it a shot, I know TD used to love Master of Orion & such...

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