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Lunar: Silver Star Story & Eternal Blue


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About the last of my favorite RPG series in need of a thread.


Lunar 1 was the reason i didnt feel gypped paying $300 or so for a Sega-CD in the day. Part 2 was one of those few RPGs that not only continued the story, but felt like it improved almost every angle over an already great game. Some, like Bish, take umbrage with plot changes to the Playstation 1 remakes (though the updates/packaging etc were some of the finest ive seen), but either way, these two were charming, fun adventures that gave me an early look at what good anime cutscens & even better voice acting could do for a game. Everything outside the fight with @#$%ing Borgan the black wizard-fuck was grand.


Cant recommend them enough for any that didnt get a chance to play them; more to come later. For now, just came across a fun scene from the original version of 2:



also, a quick lesson on voice acting. Here's when its good & fun:



....and here's when its not, in other games. :2T:


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Ah this series was awesome, and it's in some ways the reason that I am on this board today.


BTW that Chaos Wars voice acting was fucking AWFUL.


But back to Lunar. I loved the games, played through the Sega CD and PSX games. Though I do have to say the Sega CD ones were better in my opinion. Still either ones were well worth playing.

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Newt told me the spinoffs/gaiden didnt go so well, i think there was one for GBA or DS no? or was that a port? i could swear i saw a magic school or some other title elsewhere.


and yes, folks, i met the magical bishop because he was the other guy in miami picking up lunar the first day, which was far more interesting to talk to him about then selling bullshit music at the time.

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Bringing this thread back from the dead to announce a new PSP Lunar remake, which IIRC, is now the game's 4th completely different version (Silver Star, Silver Star Story, Lunar Legend, and now Harmony of Silver Star)


Basically game is getting remade to PSP with what looks like the same cinemas, which will be of higher quality due to the fact that they are no longer on the PS1, the towns and dungeons are now in an isometric view, which is an interesting change, and supposedly there is going to be new music, (hopefully not all new, because Iwadare's score was the shit.)


I always preferred the story of the original over the remakes, but I am pretty psyched for this. If this does well, we may eventually get a real part 3. Or so I hope.





Anyone else excited? Or is this one remake too many?

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im excited, but mostly for interest in the series, not sure ill play it yet again (did so at least 3x on sega-cd, natch). Sad that Vic Ireland & Gaijinworks didnt get in on this, though. Its not WD, but i hope the localization goes better than what i heard Ubi did.


So this is Game Arts directly? i too hope this pushes interest in a part 3. Hell, half my love for Vesperia right now comes from comparisons to this series, in my head.

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