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*Phew*.  So what does everyone think?  Here go the changes:


-New catergories: I need a name for the entertainment section, lemme know people, yours might be it, tho prolly not (dont hurt to try tho, eh?).

Now, each catergory has 4 relevant forums.  Bascially, you can pick an area ya feel like hangin in: Pantheon if youre feelin intellectual/wanky/nowhere at all, Colloseum for entertainment, and the Dork Side for misc madness.  

I did this in hopes that the addition of a 12th forum (!) wouldnt overwhelm folks, especially those new here, by one giant run-on forum list.  Lemme know if ya think its effective or simply more confusin; i really hope it helps tho, i personally think its cool - hats off to Yahven for the idea.


-New forum: Culture has enough to handle with novels, music (again, mostly music), and anythin else; comics deserve their own corner, dammit!

I need moderators with much experience in traditional super-hero as well as vertigo-type shit; if youve never read Frank Miller, Alan Moore etc ya need not apply.  Its a new pet project tho people, help me out (artistic, bacchus, KOS etc). Im thinkin of a new name that doenst sound lame and drawin blanks, might just leave it as it is, but also takin suggestions.


-Spring Cleaning: Moderators might notice a change in their topic content/ total number of posts.  I tried my best to put things in their relevant forums, completely regardless of which corners are popular (Vagabond King/admin Yahve sided with pimpin out weaker forums; i prefer quality over quantity).  

Just so we're clear here, here's my quick interpretatinos of the various forums:

General: Misc shit with no place elsewhere, various announcements such as this one & birthdays, an intro to the forum.

Current Events:News, largely politics.  New moderator makes it a bacchus family affair, lets hope she posts more now.

Aristotle's Lyceum: Philosophy & various abstract thought (such as love vs sex, etc).

Culture: Yet again, mostly music, but some novels and anythin else that applies.

Movies: That, and TV.  Standard stuff, now featurin 75% more Junkerseed.

Anime: Japanese anime & any other type of animation that's not comic-related, includin American stuff like Disney, Pixar etc.

Comic Books/Graphic Novels: Reviews of comics, polls of what works better (ie, Marvel's new line of Ultimate books vs regular continuity).  Comic fights still stay in Fight Club. I wanted this largely to let folks know what's worth readin/what theyre missin out on.

Nintendorks: You folks seem to like this name...? Hope so, lemme know.  Chiefy's here to balance out PC gamers as well. Check out City of Heroes!

Letters to the Editor: This one needed the most clarification: Yahven's corner, yes, but here is where rants go, not General.  Sure, if theyre philosophical, theyre Lyceum stuff, etc but general rants nonetheless.  

Hey Yahven, how bout puttin Dork Party announcements here? I think itd be cool to make this spot the DP (heh :D) HQ.

Monty Python & Web Crusaders: Youll notice this one got huge alla sudden; ive included this one to be good forwarded internet jokes, cool links, and PC talk, so MP3 disucssion an such goes here from now on, givin it more purpose.

Fight Club: Still the largest place around, it is not necessarily troll central, so newbies feel free to mosey on in, but be sure to read the rules: if youre sensitive, good ol' madman may very well hurt your feelings.  Oh yeah, fights happen here, vote for who you think is better/cooler/doesnt fuckin matter.

Earn your college degree online: still one of my favorite forum names; this is the Crap Shack, the last resort of posts.  When shit gets outta hand or too much sheep-fuckin is involved, it goes here.  Moderators should put completely irrelevant shit here, or in Fight Club (like anybody'd notice, eh?).


Hope that mess helps. One of my largest goals is to clarify the gray area between the forums & give them all more definition so we all know what goes where, exactly.  If its a political piece about a philosophical fight, just uh use your best judgement.

An example of what got moved:  MP3 discussion is in Monty Python, Devil's Advocate brawl made the Lyceum, "Hello!" posts are in General now, etc.  Moderators: Dont like where i took/put threads? Lemme know, PM me, we'll find a way.


Anyway, as your current admin, i want more postin & to really get the moderators goin, and help out where i can.  This doesnt work if ya'll dont speak up; its just as much your forum as the next guy's.  Dont be afraid to ask any questions either; if anythin, theyll go on the Drunken FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), created sometime this week.  I'm here to help people, dont be shy with the questions/complaints/ observations on sheep.  Gouge away.

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Like I said, topics got moved, so post #'s went up & down: I honestly tried to put relevant shit in its folders.  If ya notice a particular thread you liked missin or dont agree with a certain move, by all means, lemme know.

Fear not, with your new 3rd admin, im sure the topics you kids have been croppin up (or in Jumbie's case, taken from NYtimes.com) will skyrocket over the Lyceum soon enough.  Congrats on seein whats supposed to be the two most intellectual forums as a "race"....remember, quality/quantity? Ah well.  Yes, apparently I'm the hamburglar, then.



"Theyre MINE! All mine! Gimme all the posts!!"

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All in all, I like the changes.  This is exactly what I meant when I said stuff needed to be more polished.  The topics are divided up fairly well, everyone seems to be happy with their moderation duties, and it looks like it's easier for people new to the board to navigate it. :approve:

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Of corce .... Intelectulal Discorse is all that matters... Post numbers be damned.



I agree with danny it does look a bit more polished

The new addition of comics was sorley lacking.

A few forums (i wouldnt say which) were in need of trimming and u did this.

A valient  effert so far ... but can u maintain it?

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I..am a philosophy major with a lax security job and good typin skills...I have all the time in the world! :D

Cmon man, lookit my post number.  You realize this place has only been around since wha, December or so?  Id say were safe till i move/lose my power.

So no one finds it confusin, then?

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I like the sense of accomplishment if you finish all the post in one section of the forum

Good point, I'm trying to post around the place so it helps you know what point you've gotten too.


I said in another thread, I didn't like when the forum was split in two, it seemed needless but the 3-way split now organises the forums well.


Good job pardner

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