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This is pretty much a question directed at the local comic guru, IC, but if anyone thinks they know what they're talking about enough to discuss this, feel free. So IC, I read a little USM (i'm trying to find a nice cheap copy of the hardcover collection of ishs #1-13, if I find something under $20, i'm probably going for it). I understand the concept of having basically the same origin, but put into context through contempory clothing, slang, cultural references, blah, blah, blah. An that's great, but I felt that Peter Parker's character was betrayed in the little I've read so far. I mean, Peter Parker, no matter what was going on in his life, no matter how provoked he got, was always a gentleman. This Peter Parker is down right rude at times, and yells at May and Ben. I'm all for modernization, but I felt this wasn't Peter Parker. I've heard to say stuff about USM (pretty sure I remember it being good things), so how do you fell about this?

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Eh...Parker did a lotta personality changin after Lee & Ditko got off, but no, nothin drastic.  More than anythin, he was just a dork, albeit more humble in the old book.

Spider-Man's what got me into comics all those years back, so here's the thing: Bendis (the writer, one of the best dialogue guys ive seen) kept the core true, but gave Parker dimension by makin him more like a real teenager: he'll mouth off a bit, but not much, and he'll pay for it - as of last issue, he's still grounded. :D

Point is, the old Spidey books - tho Amazing Spider-Man is badass now with Strazinsky on it, and Kevin Smith takin the helm soon -for years had Parker as this beaten down, married man, with lil of the old flair to him.  No wisecracking, no charlie brown "cant get a break" feel to him, he didnt give a fuck...they made him dark & stoic, batman-like for a year or so, and that sucked ass.

That, that's a character betrayl; losin his cool as a really young teen, that feels natural. So as for me, i dont mind it one bit.

Dont forget you can read em free at Marvel.com - click here, and as for that trade, check Anime Hurricane 'round the corner, but be sure to keep an eye on Ebay, you can still find some deals there.  Good luck.

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I wasn't bothered at all by the way he's been acting in ultimate spidey.  In ultimate spidey they play more on the fact that he's just a teenager.  Him getting grounded is a good example.  It's sort of a different approach, but not very.  He also has a great internal monologue where he keeps punishing himself for doing stupid, rash things.  Can't wait to read more of it, thank god they're turning em out quickly now.

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I understand that the tried to make him more like a 'real teenager' (whatever that means), but that's what my problem was, Perer Parker was never a typical teenager. He just seemed alot more rude to me that he used to. Can't really praise him enough, so I'll mention that I think Tobey McGuire's portrayal was perfect. A gentleman with the occasionally slip up: the quintessential nice guy (which is why he always finished last). Anyway, I'll give it a bit more reading before I continue with this.

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teenager,  (tnjr) n: A person between the ages of 13 and 19; an adolescent.

2) Individual thinking they know it all, smart-mouthed, etc - sound familiar?


Ive read Romita Sr's Parker, Stan Lee's, and most writers after that, even Frank Miller.  He lost nothin, still this gentleman youre lookin for with an occasional slip-up, id say even more so, that internal monologue Junker mentioned really helps.  But then he's on issue 22 or so, so there's been time to develop.

And for what its worth, originally, Stan Lee was shootin for a very typical teenager, he's just not the writer people put him out to be, while Bendis' Parker reflects these ideas much better, a fact even Lee himself admits.

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Then perhaps I prefer the Peter Parker that Stan Lee created to the Peter Parker that Stan Lee invisioned. It's not really all that big a deal. I still like what I've read so far and that was the only thing that sort of irked me. And sure, I was a know-it-all smartmouth as a teenager (alright, that's misleasding, I still am...), but I was clam as a teenager. I never yelled cursed at my parents or teachers or schoolmates (not in a mean-spirited way). I guess I was far from the prototypical teenager, but it's not like being a teenager make Peter Parker a jerk by definition. Whatever, it's petty squabblings. I like the book.

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Eh, fair enough, different characters mean different things to folks.  In any event, be sure to read the others online, theyre free & only a month or 2 behind most times to encourage sales.

Last month's was double-sized & great as usual, title goes bi-monthly soon, should be fun.

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Well, I got up to ish #20, which was the last one online. Stupid cliffhangers! Anyway, my favorite was #13. At the end when Aunt May is trying to talk to Peter about safe sex (when he hasn't even gotten a kiss yet) and he covered his ears trying not to listen. I also like the way they stay true to the media coverage he gets. That's something the movie was missing, harsher media coverage. Great stuff. Hey Ic, can I borrow your Ultimate Spidey's #21 to whatever you got. I know how to happen comics correctly, and I can read them right in front of you if you want. I just need my spidey-fix!


One of my favorite inner monolouges:


Let's recap, shall we....


I have a whacked-out-of-his-mind doctor guy with crazy machanical arms on the loose,


who, on a side note, may or may not eventual remember that he knows that he ws there when I became Spider-Manand therefore knows my secret identity.


I got some cheeseball TV show host who's ready to hunt me down in the street so he can kill me for ratings.


And nobody thinks it's a bad idea.


I have the police lookign for me.


I have some weirdo government agents with big laser beams after me.


I have been beat up so bad I'm afraid to show my face in public.


I was chased underwater by a SWAT team.


Shot at.


Accused of nuclear terrorism.






I lost my costume in a fight.




Now THAT'S optimism!


PP: Noone does this crap to Captain America--or Iron Man--just me!! --Everytime!


MJW: Maybe it's the costume.


PP: What?


MJW: You asked me for reasons.


PP: You don't like the costume?


MJW: Never mind.


PP: Jave you seen the Daredevil's costume? He looks like a complete tool and nobody blames nuclear sabotoge on him.


Hehe...Daredevil's a tool! Hehe!

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Look at ths foo, spoilin shit...like i said, I met Bendis & he's cool. If he does anythin shockin like that id back him, but it aint Gwen Stacy so im sure she's ok...guess we'll find out in 30 days. And yeah, this is one helluva book, and free to boot at Marvel.com; again, check it out people. I'm likin the current Green Goblin storyline more 'n the movie one.

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