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Irish Cowboy ||10-15-2001| |08:59 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

To fill in the void created by the end of Preacher...

Ultimate Spider-Man - Spidey's never been so good.  The writings so good, several issues can go by before you realize there hasnt been a fight.  Even chicks read it, i swear.

Ultimate X-Men - 'Cause the regular X-men book is shit.

Transmetropolitan - Come see Warren Ellis' political opus, featuring bowel disruptor rays, puppy killing and lots of drugs.

Origins - Finally, where Wolverine comes from.  Youd think it'd be a risky book to do, but its actually surpassing its own hype.

Hellblazer - John Constantine vs Neo nazis in a well written book.

Nick Fury - Old war dog is back, written by Garth Ennis. Fuckin great.

Punisher - Another Ennis hit.  This man can do no wrong.

Powers - Great crime book by same guy as Ultimate Spidey.  Sweepin the awards lately too.

Warlands - As close as youll get to Final Fantasy in comis.

Green Arrow - Watch Kevin Smith revive a long dead DC character and actually like it.

Adventurs of the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollock - Again, Ennis, but instaed of the usual "crusade to capture hitler's cryogenically-preserved head", its the race to keep the axis powers from securing his lost testicle. I'm not kidding.

Rising Stars - J. Micheal Stravensky, former writer of Bablyon 5 (never watched it but heard it was ok) on comics, the best team book since Alan Moore's immotal "Watchmen".

Midnight Nation - Stravensky's other book.  A cop with 48 hours to get back his soul.

Bone - Great, black & white fantasy book, better than Warlands but almost done.

In december, the sequel to Frank Miller's "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" - possibly the greatest comic book ever written - begins, in "The Dark Knight Strikes Again". I cant wait. Between that, Origins, and Marvel's upcoming "Heroes: Tribute to the firefighters & EMS of 9-11-01" book (with everyone on it from Todd McFarlane to Kevin Smith, and Ennis, natch), this year will end on a very high note.


yahve ||10-17-2001| |05:36 PM|

You forget the other emmy award winning comic out there... STONE.  nick how could you have overlooked such a prized literary work.  This is very unlike you not to mention this treasure of comic past and present.


Irish Cowboy ||10-17-2001| |05:58 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

I once had a gerbil, i didnt like him very much as i recall.

I still wouldnt line his litter with that shit. Thanks for your input.


bacchus ||10-17-2001||08:12 PM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

yahve i highly recomend  the sin city books


Irish Cowboy ||10-17-2001| |09:55 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Yeah, me too.  Is the Martha Washington stuff any good tho?


bacchus ||10-18-2001| |08:28 AM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

mmmmmmmmm............   i read a vitrigo mimi series calles "give me liberity" that featured Martha washanton......i recall it being good but different worth a read surly.. i think imam has them but i have imams books so just come rummage through his stuff some time.


Irish Cowboy ||10-18-2001| |01:30 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Sounds good...by the way, the last issue of "Transmetropolitan" is on its way here, so i got the full run.  Aadil, you should really think bout this one - Warren Ellis on politics, its good shit.


bacchus ||10-18-2001| |02:48 PM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

i dont need any damn brit to tell me what to think on politics..... that why i have germans thank u .


Irish Cowboy| |10-19-2001| |12:34 AM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Hey, this is the comics section.  Nazi propoganda goes under "Brave New World", ya non-comic readin fuck.  Blamin poor ol Stan Lee, just cause the man cant write much anymore...doesnt bein a creator mean anything anymore?


OishiiChan ||10-23-2001| |09:19 AM| |Oishii_chan@hotmail.com|

In my opinion most american comics suck ass, I genrally tend to lean toward Japanese comics ( manga). They have better plots, fight scenes, sex scenes, and are 3 times as thick as an american one. But hey that is my personal opinion.

I use to read american comics, a lot when i was kid, then someone shoved an american translated version of DBZ in my face of all things it was better than anything I had ever seen befor, ever since I have been hooked.

However the exception to biasedness is Sin City.



Irish Cowboy ||10-23-2001| |03:02 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

That...thats interestin.

While I admit manga's got a cooler style for action scenes - many American comics use it now - and i dig the size of em (that akira one was a fuckin encyclopedia), i gotta say, you musta been readin archie or somethin.

The plot and dialogue nowadays in many of the more well-written books (im talkin the modern ones here, many times devoid of superheroes at all, so no underoos on the outside) kicks the shit out of so much manga ive attempted to read, its sad.  The comedy manga is great, but anythin else comes off excessively wordy (Take Ghost in the shell, a well done book which buries itself in narraration, leaving you more lost than the anime.)

I dunno.  American books with soild writers - Garth Ennis, Frank Miller, Brian Micheal Bendis - make every manga i touch resemble the plot of a porno.  And on that topic, if youre into comics for sex - which by the way, is kinda weird - even "family" companies like Marvel are now forced to put out a mature line, called "Max", with just as much violence and sex found in Vertigo books these days.

Im tellin ya, i started this post b/c comics arent what they were; due to the lack of popularity, the censors stop givin a shit, and its finally becoming a legitimate art form.  Ya oughta give it a try.


Irish Cowboy ||10-23-2001| |03:04 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

And wait a sec...DBZ? For the love of god, i hope that book moves at a better pace than the ridiculously overrated anime. "Will Vegita do a goddamn thing in the next 3 episodes, or will this cheezy narrorator continue to prattle on?? Tune in next time!"

Ugh.  At least Flames of Recca garunteed a fight or two an episode, ya know? But hey, maybe the manga aint so bad. I just cant imagine it holdin a candle to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, Kingdom Come, or Preacher.


bacchus ||10-23-2001| |03:11 PM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

fuck  manga.... fuck 'em right in their transexual ass!



Irish Cowboy| |10-23-2001| |04:04 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

I will, by god, I will find a topic this week that Aadil chooses not to whip it out and piss all over.


skbrcarr| |10-24-2001| |09:48 AM| |rondonc@yahoo.com|

yahve u lil rascal y u no tel them about lif on forbez lovely and entertaining magazine about... well u'll find out if u read it GOD BLESS THE CHEESE!


yahve ||10-24-2001| |04:54 PM


Life on Forbez

i had forgotten my favourite online comic... its great american manga art and storyline.  give it a go everyone.  :smile:  Thnx for the reminder rondon.    i havent updated my reading in a while, they are notorious for leaving you hanging for a month while they go surfing instead of updating the strips.



Hmm....link seems dead, at least over here.  Only online comic ive looked at is Penny Arcade, which is kinda funny.

Its just..Yahven's anime manga thing sounds ok, but damn i need people who've read real comics here, besides me and Aadil.  Gotta get Imam, Carlos, maybe Luis in board, and put this trendy manga stuff in its place - American artists have become badass, and thanks to a influx of British writers, i can honestly say nothin else out there seems to hold a candle to it.

'Cept for all those funny books - ya know, the ones without the pictures.  Some of em are ok too.


Irish Cowboy ||10-24-2001| |07:15 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Christ, come to think of it, the ohter contributors on this topic are fans of Stone, fans of comic sex, completely irrelevant, or eager to piss on things.  

Dunno, Yahven...but I miss Imam.  Needin some balance here, someone who knows bout at least a few of the books i mentioned in the first postin.



Oishiichan| |11-07-2001| |12:40 PM| |Oishii_chan@hotmail.com|

Actually some of my favorite manga have nothing to do with sex, and the DBZ manga is much faster going than the anime, I never understood why the anime was so drawn out. Berserk is one of my Favs, it is very plot heavy but gothic, I also happen to enjoy Ranma very much, I liek comedy.

I happen to have read X-men, Bat man, and many other comics as a child, I found them all boring and lacking in something until Bat Man the Dark Knight came out, now that kicked butt. Maybe I like action, maybe I just find american style art work well not that great, or I am just plane biased because I know a bunch of people who do the manga. Sigh. My friend Kotobuki did the Toshinden  Manga and his favorite comic is Witch Blade go figure.


Irish Cowboy ||11-07-2001| |03:36 PM| |TheIrishCowboy@hotmail.com|

Berserk looked interestin, but you prolly dont care for American books 'cause ya havent read em since the dark knight returns, which was almost 15 years ago.  Theyve matrued a bit in that time.  hell, the sequel to Batman DKR comes out in less than a month.

While the late 80's were kind to comics, with that book and Watchmen, the last couple years have spawned a respect for Marvel with an adult line, good writers like Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Brian Micheal Bendis, Mark Millar etc, and some badass artists on their books as well.  Folks like Kevin Smith (director of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy etc) write, J. Micheal Stravensky (writer of one of those Star Trek series), etc; nevermind the many gifts of DC's marture line of Vertigo books: From Sandman, Preacher, Hellblazer, Transmetropolitan, etc - American comics have grown up.  Your manga friend likes Fathom for the art anyway, which due to new ways of inking, coloring and such is far better than years before.

Anyway, if youre not interested, fair enough, but if you do enjoy graphic novels and alla that, youre missin out on some great shit lately.


bacchus ||11-13-2001| |03:42 PM| |bacchus979@hotmail.com|

Alien Vs predetor the trade paper back is pretty damn good.... its dark horse so it has the maturity of at least vertigo comics.

except for the monsters none of the character show up in the book that are in the movies (thank god). the story line is engrosing, by far better than some high profile marvel and DC stuff. i say comparabe to batman year one easily. the book reads more like a novel than a comic. the writing is top caliber and apart form the cheap printing style of tipical early Dark horse stuff the art is pretty kick ass as well (it kinda grows on u like steve Dillion). definitly should be read by any self proclaimed  Comic guru.

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Well, Witness, funny you should bring alla that up.


A number of those series have ended, sadly - Fury, Punisher (basically), etc.  Dark Knight Strikes Back was indeed badass, finishin up soon.


Also, if youre not readin Origin (Wolverine), youre really missin out.  Im also getting into the current Hulk book, as well as Ultimates, the ultimate universe's take on the Avengers.  

Im workin on the new X-Force as well as New X-Men, both of which Wizard wont shut up bout, so ill get back to everyone on those two.


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  • 3 years later...

My short lists, in no particular order


American comic books:

Y: the Last Man


Elfquest (old school)



8-bit Theater




Queen of Wands

Something Positive



Punks and Nerds

Nerds of Prey

Devil's Panties


Venus Envy



Manga: Bleach

Hunter X Hunter

One Piece

Full Metal Alchemist


Shaman King

Battle Royal

Fruits Basket (on my to-read list)

Great Teacher Onizuka

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