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Some shots of Sakaguchi's other game, lost odyssey, there should be a demo out soon. Waiting on a good Youtube video to link to, hopefully I'll have one soon.

Edit: Found some video on




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Another JRPG for the 360, Trusty Bell. Wierd ass concept, basically Chopin the composer is dying of tuberculosis and in his weakened state his mind is transported to a dream world. I had kinda written this one off but after seeing the trailer and stuff, it's looking pretty good, the combat looks a lot like Grandia which is the best JRPG combat system I have ever used, and the game itself looks gorgeous.

Video is here





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Activision purchased Guitar Hero developer RedOctane this past spring for $100 million. Kotick indicated that the franchise would play a key role in Activision’s quest for a wider audience. “This is an exciting new category for us that offers, we believe, a lot of opportunities for market expansion,” he said.


"The long-term opportunities [in the music category] include all sorts of product extensions, music downloads that are very high-margin opportunities, and we’ll start with Guitar Hero II for the PlayStation 2 this fall."


RedOctane president and co-founder Kai Huang told Next-Gen in June, “Online is definitely going to be a huge component of what we're planning, whether that's downloading new music or characters or skins or online play features, those are the things that are really going to be the major changes for next-gen."

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I think a next gen guitar hero could be pretty sweet though, especially with a wireless guitar.


On a seperate note, I was watching the LO gameplay footage again, and I have to say, if the music in the game stays of the quality I have seen in the gameplay so far, this may be Uematsu's best OST since FFVI, the music in the demo is incredible.

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Trusty Bell has been confirmed for US release, under the name Eternal Sonata (sounds like a Castlevania game)


September 21, 2006 - Today Namco Bandai announced that a new RPG called Eternal Sonata is in development for the Xbox 360 and will launch in North America in 2007. Touted as a next-generation RPG, Eternal Sonata aims to take full advantage of the 360's technology and boasts an innovative battle system.


The first notes of Eternal Sonata begin as a famous composer, on his deathbed, drifts between this life and the next. In his reverie, two youngsters change the destiny of the world. Namco Bandai describes it as an "enduring tale of good and evil."


"With a host of impressive next-generation features such as a unique monster morphing system, and a hybrid turn-based and action battle system with a special attack feature dependent on light and shadow, Eternal Sonata will set a new standard for next-generation RPG gaming," said Yoshi Niki, Namco Bandai's Product Group Director.

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Yesterday at a press conference in the Shibuya Cerulean Tower Hotel, Microsoft Japan's Home and Entertainment boss Takashi Sensui announced rather nonchalantly that Blue Dragon, the one game that's being hopefully eyed as the ice-breaker that will finally begin selling the Xbox 360 to the Japanese mass market, will be packaged in with the system starting on the very day the game is released: December 7th, 2006.


Moreover, the price of the console will only be 29,800 yen -- the same price as the Core System package that's being released on November 2nd. The Core System, for those who came in late, features the Xbox 360 console, one wireless controller, one play-and-charge kit for the controller, and two games: Ninety-Nine Nights and Project Gotham Racing 3. Neither of those games sold as well in Japan as they deserved to, because the system was simply not installed in enough homes.


The Blue Dragon bundle will also contain Ninety-Nine Nights and Project Gotham Racing 3. It's a bit puzzling -- why release a "Core" pack with two lesser games, when just a month later, a Core pack with THREE games, including the one game everyone wants, will be on sale for the same price? Perhaps the November 2nd release is set to capitalize on gamers looking to buy the absolutely idiotic-looking Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, or the drop-dead awesome Lost Planet, both being released on November 22nd.


Also, Dead Rising and Project Sylpheed, big, hard-hitting games by Capcom and Square-Enix, two developers who command legions of fans, will be released next week, on September 28th. No doubt their existence will have a few lingering fans curious about the system, as well.


So japan gets a bundle cause the system is not selling but america gets fucked over cause the system is selling.

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Wait until X06 I'm pretty sure we'll get a bundle of some sorts. It is also basic capitalism 101, lower price to try to increase demand. Not to mention Japan never got the Core System at all, not much of a loss IMO.


Not to mention I have heard the BD pack has only Blue Dragon. I'm gonna look into it.

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Well, so far Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and Trusty Bell, have all been announced for USrelease, not to mention Vic Ireland talked about wanting to bring over JRPGs with his new company, and he specifically mentioned 360.


I figure most good Japanese 360 games will come out here, mainly because there aren't that many to begin with. Of course if Sales aren't that hot Stateside, things could change.


Now all I need is a Shin Megami Tensei and my life will be complete.

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Also today, there's a story at Gamespot indicating that Microsoft's HD-DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360 will be released in Japan on 11/22 (price: $177). The drive will include a remote control, will connect to the 360 via USB and will support 1080p video. There's no official word yet on the U.S. release, but it's tentatively expected to be released here in November as well, for around $200.

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I figure our details for it should be out for X06. Word has it some of the big announcements are coming for that time frame. Of course I have no need for an HD-DVD drive OR Blu-ray, but at least the option is there.


The cooler news to me is that when the 360 gets its fall update and enables 1080p, it will also become an upconverting DVD player, pretty sweet in that regard.

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Well check out the PS3 thread. Bish said before the PS3'd be here sooner & so much cheaper without gambling on this fucking tech. Then again, it'd prolly still have the boomerang control which I quite liked, but apparently a lotta people hated.

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Well, at least Sony is coming out swinging, this game looks like it could be pretty sweet. I gained respect for Level 5 after DQVIII and it looks like JRPGs are finally adding in combat like the stuff we have seen in KOTOR, the game looks beautiful.


White Knight Story


Check out the video here






This seems like some of the stuff that might be planned for LO, considering hte battle system at TGS was said to be a placeholder. I have to say, that if any game would get my psyched for the PS3 this would be it.

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Lots of stuff to report.


While most first party Xbox 360 titles hovered at the current-gen $49.99 price point and third party games $59.99, PlayStation 3 titles will start at $59.99 for both first and third party titles.


Sony updated their Sony Style website starting the pre-order process for a number of PlayStation 3 titles and one thing remained the same across the board for game releases - the $59.99 price tag. From Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog to Sony Online's Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, each game was priced at $59.99.


Also interesting to note is that games from Activision such as Call of Duty 3, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and Tony Hawk's Project 8 are dated to release on November 9th, which is eight days prior to the launch of the PlayStation 3 in North America.


SEGA has announced that they are currently working on a new game in the Shining Force series titled, Shining Force EXE.


The game will be an action, role-playing title with a new storyline and traditonal anime cutscenes. This game will focus on a fresh fortress system which allows players to manage and customize the growth, defense and layout of the geo fortress. In the game, SEGA wants fans to feel more involved with the character's advancement. As for characters, you take control of a warrior named Toma and Cyrille as you head out on a journey to bring peace to the homeland.


The low end 20GB PS3 model will now include HDMI input. So, those going with the cheaper version won't get shafted on HD visuals. Kutaragi did not state for what territories this applies to, though it could presumably span worldwide.


In other 20GB PS3 news, it will sell for 49980 yen (~$429) in Japan, which is quite a bit cheaper than the original price of 60,000 yen (~$515). Also note that the current pricing is lower than the US listed mark of $499 for the same model.


The high end 60GB PS3, however, will have an open pricing in Japan, meaning that retailers can set their own prices for the console. This would lead us to believe that there is a very good chance these PS3s will get marked up very high due to limited quantities - 100,000 day one units as stated a few weeks back.


The Microsoft Zune media player's online music store will accept Microsoft Points, the same currency used on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Prepaid cards charged up with Microsoft Points will be available at certain retailers or online stores, including Xbox Live Marketplace.


Individual songs will be available to purchase for 79 Microsoft Points per track, or about 99 cents, the same cost as an iTunes song.


Microsoft is hoping that Zune will distinguish itself from Apple’s iPod with Zune-to-Zune wireless music sharing and a subscription music service. A Zune Pass subscription will cost $14.99 a month, allowing users to essentially "rent" music at their own discretion from a library of “millions of songs,” according to Microsoft.


Next-Gen has contacted Microsoft inquiring about any special Xbox 360-Zune interaction, but no response had been sent as of press time.


The Zune and its corresponding online service will launch on November 14, 2006 in the US.


Microsoft responded to Next-Gen regarding Xbox 360-Zune compatibility. It appears that Zune will interact with the Xbox 360 quite similarly to other media devices at this point in time.


"You can plug your Zune device into your Xbox 360 to stream music, pictures, and video, via USB cable, to enjoy all your Zune content on the TV in your living room," wrote a Microsoft spokesperson via e-mail. "Additionally, you can connect your Windows PC to your Xbox 360 using Windows Media connect to stream your Zune content that way as well."


As for transferring Xbox Live Marketplace content from the Xbox 360 to Zune, the spokesperson simply stated, "We don’t have any further details to provide on Xbox 360 and Zune integration right now."


Two exclusive GTA4 episodes via Xbox Live. Huzzah!


The news was announced at X06 by Peter Moore, head of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division.


Grand Theft Auto 4 is scheduled to release October 16th, 2007 in the U.S.


HD-DVD and Xbox 360: two great tastes that taste better together?


The drive will be available in mid-November in North America, the U.K., France, and Germany, and will cost $200 in North America, 200 francs in France and Germany, and £130 in the U.K.


The add-on drive was first announced in Japan last week ahead of the annual Tokyo Games Show and Microsoft said it would hit Japanese retail shelves from Nov. 22 and cost ¥19,800 ($168).


Plans to launch the drive in other markets haven't been announced yet although there is likely to be little demand from consumers in other countries at present. HD DVD is only just getting off the ground in major markets and hasn't been launched in large parts of the world.


With the drive Xbox 360 owners will be able to watch high-definition HD DVD movies on their television through the console. Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 just under a year ago with a standard DVD drive and in adding the HD DVD option is making its console more competitive with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s PlayStation 3, which will go on sale in Japan and North America in November and which features a drive for the rival Blu-ray Disc format.


At the same event Microsoft also said it is partnering with Academy Award-winning writer, director, and producer Peter Jackson. Jackson, best known for his adaptations of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong, will make two interactive entertainment series exclusively for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. The first will be a collaborative effort with Bungie Studios to create a further chapter in the Halo series and the second will see a new game created.

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Ha! in the face of Saint's Row & Just Cause I clean forgot about GTA4 and am not really excited. Sucks because Rockstar's a companie I can really get behind. I even contemplated buying Rockstar Table Tennis...

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