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There's no way this game is gonna be as awesome as it looks, but I still wanna play it.




Been playing the demo of this (which is just the game with an hour time limit), and it's pretty fun. The style is definitely aping TF2, but the gameplay is like a more whacky version of that Shadowrun FPS that nobody played.

You have stuff like glider wings, grapple guns and spring boots that really make it a different experience than your average CoD. The level progression and class/custom class sytem, however, is almost exactly like CoD.


I dunno if I'm gonna spend $15 on it yet, but the demo is a pretty good hour spent.

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I played the Beta when it came out that didn't have a time limit on it. I think 15 bucks for a pure multiplayer experience is well worth it. Especially if they add some stuff down the road if it gets successful. This might be one I actually go PC for though.

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