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Right? I liked it well enough, but it just.... kept going. Even for plots as ridiculous as they were, they were fun, but weren't going anywhere. They should've found a good stopping point and moved on to something else.



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I have seen the conversation chain where she says she'll lez out with you if you'll get her drunk, but not that one. Cassidy may not be much of a back-up, and her name is dumb, but she is entertaining. I even thought about trading her out for Boone but nobody will ever be traded out for Boone. He is my broody over-dramatic sniper life-partner. :love: If there was some way for me to break the game and have him and Charon from Fallout 3 I would never want for another companion. Even though Fawkes, Lily, Seargent Rl-3, and Jericho are pretty rad.

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Radical Entertainment shutting down


Radical Entertainment, the twenty-year-old game studio behind games like Prototype and Scarface, has shut its doors.

Audio designer Rob Bridgett, formerly of the Vancouver-based studio, confirmed the news on Twitter today.

Update: When reached for comment, Radical parent company Activision sent Kotaku the following statement:

Although we made a substantial investment in the Prototype IP, it did not find a broad commercial audience. Radical is a very talented team of developers, however, we have explored various options for the studio, including a potential sale of the business, and have made a difficult conclusion through the consultation process that the only remaining option is a significant reduction in staff. As such, some employees will remain working for Radical Entertainment supporting other existing Activision Publishing projects, but the studio will cease development of its own games going forward.

In addition to the Prototype series, Radical also worked on games like goofy open-world title The Simpsons Hit & Run and the old educational title Mario is Missing!.

Earlier, sources from various game studios contacted Kotaku to inform us of the news. We also saw chatter on Twitter suggesting that Radical had indeed been shut down.


Fucking sucks. I didn't realize they did Hit & Run and Scarface. Both of those were pretty cool games.

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