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Favorite Calvin & Hobbes Recuring Theme


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Avant Garde? He built a bunch of protesting snowmen, had himself being eaten by a snow snake and of course, not forgetting the rise and fall and the killer monster snow goons.


Still pretty funny though :D


Something that should have been in the poll:


Calvin getting attacked by his food.

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Yes, I did consider the attackign food theme, but I decided to cut it. I mean, I had to condense all the cardboard box inventions and Spiff and Stupendous Man into one, and there were still many worthy ones cut from the final 10.


Yes the Snow Goons and Protesting Snow men were not avant garde, but the abstract stuff me made that he tried to explain its deep significance was.

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Does diareha build character too, Dad?


I forgot that one. It only rained once, but they went camping several times, so that would definitly have been a candidate. But I still think it would have been eliminated with the others in the end. Good work though. I was going to put water balloon fights, but I 'lumped' it together with G.R.O.S.S. I was also going to do walks through the woods, but I 'lumped' that with Wagon riding. It was alot of consolidating and there was still stuff left over. I'm happy with what I did though.

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Fans of the long gone but forever brilliant Calvin and Hobbes strip will remember that one of the comic's highpoints were when Calvin would create incredibly morbid scenes with snowmen. Good ol' DerMoerder from the Something Awful Forums found himself restless during a 20 degree snow filled day in New Jersey, and decided to roll up his sleeves, whip out the shovel (and red spray paint) and pay tribute to these brilliant works of art. Enjoy!














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