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Most of the comics mentioned so far are comic-book heroes type things. As far as I can see the Realism-type comics have been missed out.


Daniel Clowes is by far the leading writer and artist in this field. His most famous is probably 'Ghost World', which got made into a movie released pretty recently, is incredible.


He also has invented the funny yet touching 'David Boring' and publishes a few issues of 'Eightball' every year.


Check him out people, he's amazing.

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Yeah, ive heard of that Ghost World one.

For the record tho, if there's mostly superhero stuff, it's cause this forum was invented last nite (!), hasnt had time to grow yet - feel free to preach more stuff like this, ill hopefully have threads up for recommended Vertigo shit, includin best of Ennis & Warren Ellis as well.  Ill check that one out tho Bucket, thanks.

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