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Favorite X-Men storyline



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Ok, a quick rundown on the storylines to remind folks, so of course..


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Other possible arcs i had no room for are X-Tinction Agenda (i didnt read it, either), The Phalanx Covenant (which introduced Generation X), The Magneto Wars (it wasnt that good), Operation: Zero Tolerance (it really wasnt very good), Weapon X (2nd arc in Ultimate X-Men), and the current runnin line in New X-Men, which isnt over yet so i cant really put it up here. There's plenty here, some of which i think a few of us have read, so lemme know...

For now, im goin for Age of Apocalypse, despite the Phoenix saga bein the classic that it is. AOA went across a season, spannin 40 books in its entirety, but even just readin the bookends (X-Men Alpha & Omega) is worth the trip. The storyline took balls, and Marvel pulled few punches on it - i still wish one book from this timeline was around, perhaps a plot-based one like Sin City, but then it prolly works better 'casue it ended on a rather high note.

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Hate that when you get votes but no replies!


I'd only seen the Phoenix saga on cartoon and read E is for Extinction so I'd a choice of two, I did tell you I wasn't into Marvel!


Phoenix gets it but New X-men is shaping up well, plus thankfully Quitely has fallen behind so there's other artists drawing it, can't stand him myself!

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I hate that, too....

Well, at least ya read 2 great storylines there, tho that Cassandra Nova one's still goin, and its been like a year now!  Im lovin it, but im with ya on Quitely....mainly i just dont like how he makes m'boy Wolvy look like a greasy Soprano....not to be racist but fuck, the man's canadian/american lookin.

I also like his costume a lot more but i hate the bare-chested thing...fuck, the man must get cold, give 'im a wife-beater shirt or somethin!  At least in his regular series book he gets a shirt under the jacket, looks less like a hobo.

As for Phoenix Saga...good vote, i expect it to win, and while i just actually finished readin the TPB of that arc (it was great shit, read it i ya can) the cartoon did a pretty damn good translation if i remember correctly, so ya pretty much got the story.

Anyone else an X-Men fan?  :thinking:

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