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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix


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ah, since we dont have a topic for SFII: HD remix somehow, just wanted people to know its back on, might be out by the year's end, too!


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It's borderline vapourware, yeah? We saw a ton of stuff for it, a very long time ago, and have heard little/nothing since. Worst case, it's to be disappeared, best case, delayed until 2009, right? Maybe not! The game's associate producer, Rey Jimenez, has told The Street Fighter Blog that they're in the "home stretch", just cleaning up a few minor bugs, and that "barring any unforeseen catastrophic event" the game will be out in the year of our Lord, 2008. Considering this game's track record we'll believe it when we see it, but until then, we have hope!
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Couple new things going on with Street Fighter right now; for one, a new boss "Seth" has been announced. I dont know if he's the earlier Urien or what.



also (didnt we use to have a SF II HD thread?) new video of Street Fighter II HD showing off some combos; some new, some old as i understand it, but pretty awesome.



and on that note, off to start a new topic in this vein.

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Wednesday...fuck that...


TODAY! (in a few hours) Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD REMIX (gasp) will be on PSN.



That's right. Got my quarters lined up.



Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


For Good Measure


Get Hype!

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OK. So after playing this for the past few hours, this game is a mixed bag for me. On the gameplay side, i love it. Classic SF with some nice refinements. On the art side...oh boy...all I will say is never get an illustrator to do an animator's job. At least they gave us the options to switch back to classic sprites.


So Nick, where the hell are you. You haven't pick it up yet. Get on PSN for the hookup.

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Wait, yours or solankas? im jumping on in like 10 minutes, sir. you best believe im after a copy. *grabs hat*


Info sent to ur PSN


I'll be picking this up much later today for the PS3.

NICE! the more ppl on PSN, the better.



Man, competition is down-right fierce (heh, see what I did there). And lag on some peoples end doesn't help either, but overall, its waaaaaayyyyy better than tekkens laggy ass.

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aw man, i think i got everybody's PSN over at the first post of the PSN thread, check there...i really did want to get us all connected.


and yeah, i played this a bit offline, but ive barely had time to even try finishing up fallout. i swear ill get back to this, but likely after the holidays or so.

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