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aw yeah, grrl. you're in the mix with DJ Koopa on...the quiet storm *thunder noise*

Taking dedications all day, everyday. reqeust a song & dedicate it to another hondonian, sexy or not. Even if its 2 dudes, Koopa dont judge. holla.


Let's get this party started: this one goes out to little Senshik, she picked an awesome song for us offline, so here's my reply.


For Sen - The Stylistics - You & Me

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For MH the brave and the lovely, "Yes Anastascia", Tori Amos. You also make me think of "Take to the Sky", but fuck if I know why.



Yes, we'll see you are a very brave 'grrrl', indeed.


Also, to gnatt, who is the most awesomest ( no seriously), that a grrrl like me could ever hope to touch, 'What's a Girl to do?" by Bat for Lashes'





More to come kay? seriously, I think The Doors, G. L. O. R...I A. by the Doors when I think, Alive, She, Cried. dunno why. reminds of something sweet silly, and genuine. My fave doors cover? my fave doors guy?? maybe the connection...

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We lost some posts here I think (or is there a similar thread?), because I distinctly remember dedicating tracks here.

This one goes out to alive she cried. I love this classic R&B track, and its theme just reminds me of ASC for some reason, i think he said something along the title's line once or something. this one's lookin' at you, kid.



for ASC: Curtis Mayfield - Don't Worry (if there's a hell below, we're all gonna go)


Relistening to this now and I need to listen to more funk, 'cos I fuckin' love this. The quote (I think) you were referring to is from the song Dirt In The Ground by Tom Waits.


"Along a river of flesh

Can these dry bones live?

Take a king or a beggar

And the answer they'll give

Is we're all gonna be...just dirt in the ground"


Anywho, what brought me back to this thread, is a buddy of mine is releasing a new album in a couple of days, he's an artist and musician who's now based in Harlem. Here's a song from his first album which I think you'd dig, it's great late night tuneage.



If you (or anyone else likes it) here's a link to a free download of the album.

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