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Ok, I know im a huge fanboy here, but i think the recent trend of comic props is the coolest thing theyve done in years.  Over the last few years, DC put out a few cool ones - A Batarang, the Bat Signal, Green Lantern's ring, a shard of Kyrptonite, etc - ill inclue pics of those later.

Anyway, Factory X (they should be up soon) has been licensed to do some Marvel propls, and so far, they're badass....im lookin to get Mijoulnor (Thor's Hammer), take a look..


Coming in June, a life-size Captain America shield...


(you cant see the back, but the 2 leather straps are there to carry it, god knows how heavy it is)

Just for Chiefy...


And finally, Nick Fury's gun & badge!



Just wanted to get em out there...theyre not cheap, often between $100-200, but well constructed, it seems....ive messed with the hammer a bit, and it was cool.  More pics on the way, sorry modem folks. ???

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After the X-Men movie, twas some Wolvy claws (yes, im tryin to get a pair, even if they are just mounted)



Here's the bat signal i mentioned...



Green Lantern ring (gots me one, of course) & Power Battery




And finally, the Kryptonite.



PS Those interested in such fine products of dorkdom should check out this link, and be sure to see the bottom of the page for Factory-X's list....there's gonna be a Dr Doom cowl, Spidey web shooters, and even an Infinity Gauntlet (! ), also has a link to Spider-Man movie props like Green Goblin pumpkin bombs, gliders etc....really cool shit.

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yeha I hear they are gonna do The Infinity Gauntlet and dr. Doom's mask too. I think they are sweet. Some PREACHER shit would rule though. I think I'd prefer Original Wolverine's claws though...blue gloves claws protruding the top.


Hey IC where a fella go to talk Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B?? not really an  audience for that in PREACHER'S Forum, but I am a fan and had some inquiries for other fans and here???

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There's a music forum a few clicks above this one, feel free to start R & B, rap etc threads there, ill help out if ya do.

True, id rather the traditional claws or some variation too.  What other Preacher props tho, the Saint's guns?  I'm still pretty happy i found the lighter on eb...that is, that my old man got it from the Duke in Khee San.   :wary:

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the zippos are not Dc copyright they are people buying zippos and getting them ingraved themselfs and then ripping fans off

DC can not make the about product because of the it a bit to risky for them the best thing you can do is buy the zippo and do it yourself and not get ripped off by wankers on ebay or other places  :D

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Got outbid...there's another pair up for auction right now (its under watch status if ya wanna see em) but dont think i have the $ right now anyway so itll be another time, no big deal.  

PS Ill post more props as i find em, for those followin.

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