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New Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, etc) Stuff.

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I was quite proud to be able to turn a few people on the forum onto the work of Daniel Cloews, which includes Ghost World (made into a major motion picture) and a bi-annually published magazine called Eightball.


Anyway, I picked up a collection of nine stories by him in a graphic novel called 'Caricature'. Its been out for a little while but only just relesed in papareback so I finally got around to buying it. Its incredible. To all the Clowes fans, Junk, IC, etc, I recommend you give it a peep, its amazing.


For any newbies to his stuff, Clowes encapsulates everything I love about comics, not the fantasy world many portray but instead a world which seems to relate uncomfortably so to your own. Give him a try.  :D  :approve:

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MLB - thanks for the recommandation; ill get back to ya if i get my hands on it.  His work's not easy to come by round here; i found Ghost World by accident in the philosophy section of a bookstore & remembered your mentionin it.

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It was harsh, but I it's my new 2nd favorite Dan Clowes book.

[Pic coming soon]


I couldn't help but think about what an awesome movie Charlie Kaufman or Todd Solondz would be able to make out of it. They just need to cast based solely on who can do a perfect Dog Voice , appropriately creepy.


Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron has a sentimental appeal for me, but just misses the top spot.

I really dug that book he did about the kid who gets superpowers from smoking, but I can't remember what the hell it was called. I'll look it up when I get back home.



The Death Ray


Not to make it sound too bo-o-oring, but I liked the philosophical questions about power it made me think about. Pretty original.

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Originally written in a hurry, edit 2: removed bad pic. Edit 3 coming soon.
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Alright, I was clearly drunk. First off, under no circumstance should Wilson be made into a movie. It uses the comic book form to superb effect, nothing else will do.


Secondly, I re-read both Raygun and Wilson recently and Wilson is by far the better book. It was also a lot funnier the 2nd time around.


Here's the thing, and it's possibly why a lot of existing comic book fans can't get into this kind of story: A lot of the time when reading a super-hero book (myself included, don't get the impression I'm hanging out on a high horse here), people find traits in the hero that they can see in themselves. They attempt to relate, and then when Cap'n Awesome does something heroic they can vicariously feel a sense of fulfillment from it.

"Hey, that guy's like me and that makes me awesome!" Cue fantasy.


Long story short: People like a character they can relate to that does things that they admire. It's why women, generally speaking, have a hard time getting into mainstream comics. It's why the genre is filled with a lot of good looking men with well formed pecs.


Now, what was I talking about? Ah, Wilson.


When I'm brutally honest with myself, I have to admit that I can relate a lot more to Wilson than most other comic book characters. And he's a genuinely awful person. The first time I read it, I think I was distracted by thoughts like


"Holyshit, am I that much of a godawful misanthrope? Is being around me this hard?"


The answers, of course, are "Not quite" and "Very much so, for entirely different reasons" respectively. I've made my peace with that.


So while being able to generally relate to your average comic book protagonist makes you feel good , relating to Wilson makes you feel like a sack of shit.


The first time was harrowing, the 2nd time was just hilarious. It's a really really funny fucking book and he garnered much more of my sympathy on the second lap. It's hard to be a delusional sociopath.

NZA, did you download it? That may get a few Hondonians to give it a whirl. I, of course, encourage everyone to go buy the reasonably priced and gorgeous hardcover, but

To all the kids who download this song for free: by any means


I may not personally download comics anymore but I cast no judgment on anyone that does.

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Must. Read. This. I guess since my comic source has moved so far out of town (darn you!) I'll have to get this myself. Darn! lol


What are you on about? I guarantee there's a pretty awesome comic hookup about 12 ft. from where you sleep. :misty:

I get what you're saying though, love ya.

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see, if certain comic book mags could've made that point - about superheros vs indie characters you can relate to etc - in a non-pretentious way like you did there, they'd have much more success.


its pretty fucking funny, i read bits of it twice just because of his ridiculous observations and the spiral it takes when you get to the road trip of sorts, heh...but yeah, DL'd it as im not normally a big Clowes fan like some, just wanted to check it out, glad i did.

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see, if certain comic book mags could've made that point - about superheros vs indie characters you can relate to etc - in a non-pretentious way like you did there, they'd have much more success.


This is still the kindest thing you've ever said to me, and I sometimes think about it when I drift off to sleep. I wrap it around myself like a warm blanket.


SO, the Wilson movie has been confirmed, Directed by Alexander Payne (Sideways, About Schmidt, The Savages, Election) with the screenplay written by Dan Clowes.


I know I said under no circumstances this should be adapted to film, but I now admit that this is a possible circumstance that I will allow. It's still my favorite Clowes book, although Mr. Wonderful was pretty grand (and I still appreciate the meta-lynch weirdness of like A Velvet Glove).

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I have read some other Clowes since you introduced me to him and I have to say I still think "Like a Velvet Glove" is the best. granted it is the only one I have read more than once, none of the other stuck with me quite like it did. Still nice to hear about him getting some more work out to a broader audience. Be great if Lynch one day DID do a Velvet Glove movie...I am talking Lost Highway-era Lynch.

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