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First off...how does everyone like "The House of Ideas" as part of the fourm's name? I know, its one of Marvel's names and prolly kinda lame, but ive been throwin it around.

Anyway, lookin for moderators here to join me.  Here be the prequisites:

-Youve read the greats - Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come, even Maus cause its so damn popular.  Mad bonus points for Preacher.

-Youve read a ton o' shit, too: Marvel cosmic shit, DC team shit (im talkin 80's here folks), etc.  You must honestly be able to say a good chunk of your youth was wasted on crappy plotlines like "Cap-Wolf!", etc.  Knowin the mind-numbin continuities of Zero Hour, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinity Gauntlet & the subsequent battles, Secret Wars, etc.  If nothin else, at least know "Age of Apocalypse", that shit was cool.

-Youve watched good comic films like Blade, Crow, Matrix, X-Men etc as well as bad, like Captain America, Crow sequels, The Punisher, etc.  Again, mad bouns points for seein the Fantastic Four bootleg flick, i never saw it but man it looked shitty.

-Familiarity/love for superhero books, past & present, as well as for human/realist books, such as Vertigo's Hellblazer, Transmet, etc - Im lookin for variety here, people.


Anyway, ya'll get the idea.  I think Bacchus wants to help out, maybe artistic if he can keep it in his pants, but its not set in stone yet, so lemme know if youre interested or just have a good sub-name for this place. :jay: :bob: :D

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I dont like Hpouse of Ideas. If you want a marvel theme go for "The Danger Room" or "Power and Responsibility" or maybe "Wolverine's Love Shack"


Other ideas: Men in Tights, Panel Discussion, Books with Pictures, Three Color Corner

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I dont like Hpouse of Ideas.

Neither do I! But i was thinkin bout "House of Ideas". Sounds a lot better.

Not necessarily a Marvel theme, just liked it as a title - tho Danger Room is fun, and so is Men In Tights...lookin for halfway artistic but not necessarily/more clever than anythin i guess, not to make fun of comics tho since enough folks do that.  "Books with pictures"...:D...

:D Maybe ill do another poll.  House of Ideas, Danger Room...these are good options.  Keep em comin if ya can.

PS - bacchus, artistic, others - were now takin applications...

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Those are good, but The Dreaming is too obscure & leaves out the majority of superhero books, and hell's Kitchen sounds more like the geographic location to me...tho that'd be cool if me & Benny wanted an Irish corner or somethin.

Any others, :kitty:?

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Alright, new thread for the names finalists, gotta stop bein @#$%in indecisive here i guess.  

As for the original topic tho - Artistic, ya still wanna co-moderate? Im up for it, but ya gotta behave, no kickin folks out an all.  Be room for one more if someone meets the criteria too, lemme know folks: i dont mind hoggin this corner, but id love to see fellow comic dorks startin new threads as well.

PS Poll-of-the-week is "Best New Comic Writer", took me some time but i like how it came out, so get to it.

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