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your top 5 of '08

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Float is probably my third favorite Flogging Molly album, but it's FM and unless they put out a polka album covering country songs they'll automatically make my Top 5 w/ any new release.


Since posting my list I just discovered Martina Topley Bird put out a new album in 2008. Her debut album Quixotic came out way back in 2003, so she was totally off my radar.




So Chinese Democracy would probably be bumped to #4. Sure it's far from perfect and half of Axl's lyrics make no sense, but the nostalgia factor of actually being in a store and waiting in line to purchase a new GNR album brought me back to jr. high was pretty awesome. So he mostly got points for that. Plus, I must admit I'm becoming more like the iPod generation and mostly just DL singles now, so it's hard picking out NEW albums I love.

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:love: also? ive never heard of any of those, so uh, props.


Thanks for the welcome. And yeah, I'm guessing most people haven't, this board doesn't seem to have a whole lot of metal fans here, so, I guess most bands I like won't be too well known here. Normally I stick with metal forums, but Amber(FireDownBelow I think is her name on these boards) said I should visit here, so here I am.

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ah, well im pretty sure there's a metal thread, so by all means, enlighten the masses with songs/videos there, man. i think ASC and a few others here are fans too.


Oi, there's sooooo much out there that enlightening the masses, as you put it, would take years o_o


'Sides, I'm too lazy to find songs and videos and post em, heh.

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