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This movie was surprisingly great. Like I said Liam Neeson plays such a bad-ass.


If you had to compare to something else, think perhaps "Man On Fire", or the "Bourne" movies if Jason were much older, didn't have amnesia, and had a daughter kidnapped.


Anyways, Written by Luc Besson who always seems to entertain either writing or directing and this is no different. A lot of boards are complaining about how "unrealistic" this movie is, but its an action movie and those people need to lighten up and go watch a Bergman film or something. Its not like "transporter 2" or anything as ridiculous.


For what it was suppose to be, this movie is supremely awesome.

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And i thought we got dicked out of good movies, at least its one up on ye. We had this in octoberish i think.


Yeah, we get our movies before everyone else, but foreign movies we usually have to wait on. Hell, we just recently got an uncut, non-dubbed version of Fist of Legend released on DVD here(it was possible to get it here earlier if you had a DVD player that wasn't limited to region 1, but for most of us, we just NOW got the complete, non dubbed version)

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Slumdog came out in limited release a few years ago. It won 4 Golden Globes including Best Picture (Drama) a week ago, so it's making its way to more and more scenes, and it's sure to get many Oscar nominations. It's endorsed by myself and by Hondo's own La Lindsay.

I know the awards, the ad campaign over here won't let us forget it. I mentioned it in blargh about a week and a half ago and that everyone needs to see it. Its a fucking excellent piece of movie.


This whole "feelgood movie of the decade" thing annoys me however.


[/off topic]

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